I know what you need

There is something every one of us needs.

It may not be something we know we need.
But once we have it, we will never ever want to be without it.
Especially now.

We all need a safe space to fall apart. To be held. To find our way back to ourselves.


See, we are living in a time of unprecedented anxiety, stress, distraction, and crisis.

The living breathing world howls with silent pain, exhibited as human conflict.

But the truth is that our pain comes from love. If we did not love this world so much, we would not be in so much global anguish.

Last week, I had the privilege of speaking at the Harvest Series in Kaplankaya – a small coastal town in Turkey – delivering a workshop for both men and women on the topic of embodying the erotic as a portal for transformation.

In this container we explored the necessity of feeling deeply. And how the brave act of embracing our shadow side is critical for both our personal evolution and for the evolution of the planet.

Keeping a disapproving lid on our rich emotional lives results in us living in a near-constant state of numbness and alienation…unable to feel, much less reveal, the truth of our darkness.


Life can be overwhelming. Depressing. Unbearable. And we’ve learned to swallow our emotions because if we don’t, our emotions might swallow us.

But, here is the real message behind all this wild pain…

We do not have to be daunted by the world’s grief and rage.

Pouring the erotic into our expression of these dark emotions – in community – expands the container inside of each of us so that, together, we can hold all that is. And all that will be.

Pain is pushing us into a new civilization. Pain wants something from us that we cannot access until we embody it through the erotic.


The erotic vanquishes disapproval and disconnection and connects us deeply to our innate power of creation.

In my deep, sexy, wildly powerful new workshop – Embodying the Erotic as a Portal for Transformation – we reclaimed and reconnected with the erotic power that is our source energy, and used it as a tool to turn on our darkness.

Together, we embraced the depth and breadth of our emotional range. And experienced the rightness and relevance of every single one of our strong feelings.

Together, we used the erotic as a potent force of transformation, creativity, and connection.

Together, we found the beauty in the darkness.

I am so grateful to this incredible group of brave, courageous, edge-pushers for going there with all their hearts and souls.

This is not a time for any of us to be alone.

Even if it seems impossible, can you choose connection?

With so much erotic love,

P.S. If you’re ready to feel held, supported, and celebrated in sisterhood, I recommend a practice called Swamping. Grab some buddies on Zoom or better still, IRL, and turn to page 150 in my book, Pussy, A Reclamation, for super clear instructions on how to Swamp. Let’s hold each other and stand for radical connection in a world of radical disconnection.

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