I know you want me.


It is not easy being The Pleasure Queen, now, is it?
You all know as well as I do, being that all of us are Pleasure Queens of our own little universes. It’s a lot of pressure to pull ‘Queen’ off well.
You gotta look good. Feel good. Do good. Pay attention. Grow. Try new crazy things, like when our sister, the Pleasure Queen of England, flew to the Olympics with Daniel Craig in a helicopter. Or figure out what to do with your life after a gig ends that you totally rocked, like our sister, Pleasure Queen Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is up against right now. Or Pleasure Queen Movie Star Katie Holmes—I mean, where do you look for a date after Tom Cruise? Or Pleasure Queen You, getting your holiday sparkle on, whether you feel full of good cheer or not. Or Pleasure Queen me, who always gets kinda chunky, tired, and cranky right around now. As the days grow shorter, so does my good humor.

And it all boils down to a moment for a woman.
Whatever she is up against.
Whether she is jobless, homeless, dateless, listless, or lacking something she thinks she can’t live without…
It boils down to this:
Will I get up off it—
Whatever ‘it’ is—
And love myself?
Just for the next moment in time.
Will I put one foot in front of another, and take that next bitty step towards my what’s next?
Will I risk the new? The unknown?
Will I choose my worth, or will I choose my worthlessness, in this next, most ultimately important second of my one ‘wild and precious life’*?

This precise moment of choice spurred the creation of my upcoming live event, I Know You Want Me.
Because think about it: Queen Elizabeth might have woken up feeling old and cranky the day Daniel Craig came by. But she had to bring it.
I know you want me, she must have whispered to herself.
Hilary can either have the pinnacle of her career ahead of her, or behind her, after she gives up her seat next month.
I know you want me, she says to the world.
And Katie? Well, will she find an even better guy next time? One who truly loves and honors her? Or not?
The deal maker, the deal breaker?
Her ability to embody “I know you want me.”
At this live event we are going to take you inside that make-it-or-break-it moment of decision that every woman encounters.
When she can either plug into her eternal, unstoppable power – or flounder around aimlessly as she doubts, and therefore squanders, her value.

“I know you want me” happens in less than a moment, less than a split second.
You have to learn to catch it, and reprogram it so you never have to trip yourself up on your own doubt again.

In this 3-hour event we will:
-Identify the moment of internal faltering before it takes you down
-Learn how to counter doubt and make yourself an offer you can’t refuse
-Demonstrate the Womanly Arts and Tools that can teach you to reclaim your glory
-Give you a special, secret exercise to launch you to a new orbit of confidence and fun

This event already happened. Check out The Experience.

In the comments section below, my Queens of Pleasure, tell me those moments that leave you dangling on the precipice of doubt, or glory. Where could you use a little “I know you want me”?

And if you want to test-drive this little red Corvette of a motto firsthand and allow it to guide you (and any passengers you wish to include) to each and every destination on your Desire List, come join me LIVE on Saturday afternoon, January 26th in NYC, 1:00-4:00PM ET. No one gets out of that room without demonstrating her own indefatigable, irresistible, irrefutable power. You have it in you, whether you know it or not.

This course is for:
• Single women who want to give up being the girl who never gets the guy (or girl) she wants
• Married women who want it on their terms, not his
• Divorcees and widows who want to feel hotter than they have ever felt in their lives
• Women who want to remember who they really are in any relationship: with partners, co-workers, best friends, etc.

This event already happened. Check out The Experience.

If you know a woman who’s been forgetting to whip out this ancient Sister Goddess mantra in times of doubt, please share this post.

See you soon… I know you want me…

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena

*Mary Oliver poem, “The summer day”

photo: lizlinder.com

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