I’ll Give You Mine, If You Give Me Yours


It’s Thanksgiving.
I will show you mine, if you show me yours.
I will give you my top gratitudes, but you gotta give it right back to me–and reply to this blog.
We got a deal?

This is what I am grateful for:

1. My kid. My mom. And my crazy-amazing team at the Pleasure Palace.

2. Having just come back from the best Miami Worldwide Sister Goddess Reunion of my life, where I got to read brags like this:


I brag that I came to Miami only knowing one SG there (and SG Storm Lauren via phone/email) and left being introduced to more SGs than I have fingers and toes to count!! I wish I could remember everyone’s name, because I would give you ALL a “shout out” here for making this virgin feel welcome.

I brag that Saturday during the Unbound Olympics, I did things I would never have dared before:
> first time food experiences – calamari (at Nexxt) and sushi (at Blue Sky in the Delano). Much better than I ever expected!
> danced on “the wall” at the Pink Party! (I would have been standing in the corner before, hoping no one noticed me…)

In line with the Pink Party brag, I brag that there were several loving SGs who helped me at just the right time to get up on “the wall.” When I dared to climb, two SG hands reached out for me – one from above and one from behind. After a few minutes, the SG I was dancing next to saw me look down, planning my escape. She touched my arm and said “Not yet!” About 20 minutes later, we left the wall – together. Such an exhilarating feeling to break through that bond!

I brag that after the Pink Party was over, I stayed on the dance floor!

I brag that SG Camille helped me with my screen name for Sistergoddess.com. She called me “Denver” all weekend – and we modified that to “Denver Hottie”!

I brag that I signed up for Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp 2012 – and shared the desire with my SG friend that we participate in Boot Camp together!

I brag that my handsome husband gave me a sensual massage with aromatherapy oils when I arrived home last night.

I am grateful to find this community of incredible, beautiful, creative women. I have been desiring this kind of community for a very, very long time (without knowing it was a desire) and feel so blessed to know that you are here…and not going anywhere!

I want to share my favorite frame, too. At the Pink Party, the dance floor is filled with SGs. The music plays, a tribal beat for the beautiful tribe of women gathered in Miami. The beat becomes a heartbeat, the heart that beats within each of us and connects us together through love and sisterhood. Truly a sacred experience!

SG Denver Hottie
(SG Gwynne)

3. And the amazing privilege of doing my first-ever class in Copenhagen, where I got to ride the waves of this delicious reverb:

I brag that I’ve practiced pleasure for no reason since the FANTASTIC Mama Gena event in Copenhagen a couple of weeks ago and I FEEL SO Fxxxxxx GOOD even in challenging circumstances. Woooo Hooo!!!!


Instead of running around and focusing on satisfying everyone else’s needs, I’ve prioritized my own needs! Yes, my own needs BEFORE my children’s and my husband’s needs. For instance I went to get a massage on “Holy Family Sunday Time” (!) and when I came home they were all playing and having a great time, and I was just SO relaxed and became part of their joy immediately (before I usually had a guilty conscience if I did something for myself in “family time” and therefore felt “wrong” and outside of the “community” for a while, after having returned, but OH NO, not any more. NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN!) Now I don’t hesitate if I need to refresh during family time… I just inform my husband that I need some time alone and I go to bed, close my eyes and listen to my favorite guided meditation, and I just feel SO RELAXED AND HAPPY…and all turned on …wraaurrhhhhh…


And they are all so happy and much more relaxed than ever before, both my children and my husband. My children’s reaction is very interesting: They just want to kiss me and hug me and are all around me ALL THE TIME in such a nice way… And my husband… mmmmmmmmmmmmm…so good! We are having SUCH a great time. And my pussy purrs as never before…


I am so happy and feel so FREE! Thank you so much, Mama Gena, for directing me back to my pleasure as MY FIRST PRIORITY! I have broken free from the invisible cage of my mind! I can now step out as THE GODDESS OF FREEDOM I was born to be! Pleasure for no reason = Freedom!

Sister Goddess Sophie

4. And next week…I get to go to San Francisco, to speak at TedxFiDiWomen.  And the week after, off to LA, where I will attend a party featuring the work of Sister Goddess Tara, who was so inspired by her experience in Mastery and Inner Circle, that she created a series of gratitude paintings, leading to the creation of Gratitude Designs, which are being launched with a holiday party at Fred Segal.  The party will benefit Sister Goddess Janine’s Flawless Foundation, which advocates for, and improves the quality of care for children living with mental health and neurodevelopmental challenges. Janine has often shared that without the tools she learned at the School of Womanly Arts, she never would have started Flawless. She even has Sister Goddesses serving on her board of directors. Can you see how the connective tissue of radiance, sister to sister, is spreading like the most delicious aroma, wafting from one corner of the world to the other? The event takes place on December 8th, and I would love for you to join us. My pal Sheila Kelley will be joining me on the host committee. Please RSVP to rsvp@flawlessfoundation.org.

5. And finally, I am grateful for you. For your sisterhood, for your stand, for your pleasure, for your defiant beauty.  I know, deep inside, that in a thousand ways, every day, it is your hand that keeps a dozen fires lit, your radiance that inspires multitudes, and your smile that lights up every corner of the world you inhabit.

This makes me crazy with the goodness of it all.
And fires up the urgency inside my soul.
If we have accomplished this much courage to live unbound, this much intimacy between ourselves and our men, this much delicious relaxed happiness between mothers and children, this much sensuality, this much Sister Goddess Activism, this much Sisterhood, then I cannot wait to see what the next year will bring.

Happy Happy Happy Thanksgiving.
Give me your gratitudes, right here.
I can’t wait to feel your radiance and be inspired.

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

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