I’m BACK and I’m on fire!

Darlings!! Hi! Hello!

Ohmigoddess, I am so happy to be back here! I’ve missed you so much over the past eight weeks! Wow. My summer has been incredible. I have been riding, writing, swimming, and cooking (yes, you heard me, cooking!) dinners with friends.

Meanwhile, I have been following along, the biggest fan ever, with The Womanly Arts Unplugged series on the blog — I’ve read every drop of the posts and each of your beautiful comments. I’m so grateful to Holly, Maurya, Simin, Laurie, Mercedes, Jocelyn, Jane, and Satya for taking such good care of you while I was away, and for provoking such incredible conversations. Aren’t they wonderful?

Let me tell you, darlings, Yo Mama is back, and Yo Mama’s on fire.

I missed you terribly and all I want to do is connect with you, touch you, feel you, and hear what’s up with you. So I have an idea to keep the momentum going, and reconnect with you, LIVE. But first, a brag or two to catch you up! (In a hurry? Get all the info here.)

I brag I am deliciously deep into the proposal for my next book, and it feels so good to get my brain back in the book game again. I love to write so very much and it feels like coming home to get my head, heart and hands around all that has been brewing inside me. And my writing desk on this beach? Perfection.

(Warning: we are many, many months away from getting the book into your hot hands, but no worries — I may give you a sneak peek now and then . . . stay tuned!)

I further brag that the end of this summer marks a huge, beautiful expansion for the school. We have officially moved way uptown and up-leveled our working space in a magnificent way. The new Palace is stunning, and it feels just right to root and grow this revolution like never before. We’ll post some pics soon!

Plus, you know when you get a perfectly timed little nudge to tell you you’re in the right place? Well, the first day we arrived, this cutie little one came to us, starving for food and love. She unequivocally claimed us as her new mamas, and we’ve adopted her as the Official Palace Pussy. The vet tells us she’s about 6 months old . . . and we have all fallen hopelessly in love with her. There she is, getting very comfortable in her new pink office chair! Name suggestions??

So, now that you’re a little caught up, I think we should have a phone date to hear about YOU.

I want to answer your questions, hear about your stuck places, celebrate your victories, and dig a little deeper into the practices you’ve been learning this summer. Are you into that? Yeah?

You’re Invited. Ask me anything, and everything. LIVE.

What: Womanly Arts Unplugged LIVE Q&A.
When: Monday, September 8th at 8pm ET.
Where: On your phone, or skype, from anywhere in the world.
Why: Bring your burning questions on desire, pleasure, men, relationships, sex, body image, confidence, career, abundance — you name it, let’s go there. This is the culmination celebration of our summer series, in honor of Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp — and I’m ready to get down and dirty with you on this call!
Cost: FREE.


I will answer as many Q’s as possible, and if you join me live you’ll have a chance to get a mini-sesh with Mama where I’ll work with you right then and there!

Even if you can’t make it, RSVP anyway, because you’ll be able to submit your question in advance, and we’ll send you the recording the very next day.

I can’t wait!

With so much back-to-school pleasure,

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