My interview with Leymah Gbowee is here!

Last week was a dream come true! I had the privilege and pleasure of interviewing Leymah Gbowee – a Nobel Peace Laureate and personal heroine of mine – about her revolutionary activism in Liberia. 

Together, we sat down to discuss Leymah’s backstory as an advocate, change-maker, and spokeswoman for peace. Raised by progressive parents and a lineage of radical women, she grew up owning her body and her voice to an unprecedented degree. Leymah is a born leader and a paragon of what’s possible when you inhabit your power for the highest good. 

We touched on many topics in our conversation, including faith, anger, intuition, and the potent combination of self-ownership and sensuality that allowed Leymah’s leadership to soar. Click HERE to watch our full exchange – you won’t want to miss a single second! 

Leymah is living proof that you can make real and lasting change by embodying the feminine. She is a unifying force – giving voice to worthy causes, and standing for those in need. We could all benefit from asking ourselves the same guiding question: “How am I using my privilege as a blessing for the rest of the world?” 


Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa

To ensure peace, reconciliation, and empowerment for future generations, Leymah established the Gbowee Peace Foundation (GFPA) in 2012, whose mission is to increase access to quality education for women and youth throughout Africa. The foundation provides 360-degree support to its recipients – bridging the financial gap for young people from impoverished backgrounds. Their programs cover everything from tuition fees and academic tutoring, to healthcare, housing (when needed), and job placement services.


Want to support Leymah?

In response to the socioeconomic impact of COVID-19, Leymah’s foundation is expanding its usual reach to include 200 additional students in 2021. Their Dollar For Peace campaign is the best way to show your support and solidarity. By contributing even one dollar, you can make a radical impact in the lives of hundreds of young learners who will go on to shape our global future. 


In honor of International Women’s month, and the 10-year anniversary of Leymah winning the Nobel Peace Prize, I will be partnering with the Gbowee Peace Foundation to offer my support. And here’s the even more amazing news! Several anonymous Sister Goddesses decided to up the ante and amplify this effort by matching each and every donation, up to $25k. In other words, if our community (of almost 100,000 strong) can raise $25,000 then the matching fund will work its magic and double that donation to $50,000. Imagine how much change we can create if every single Sister Goddess contributes a single dollar! 


Please join me and the rest of this community in giving what you can – click HERE to donate to the Dollar for Peace campaign and spread the word! 


Sisterhood Series this Tuesday

I hope you’re as inspired as I was to encounter and learn from Leymah. Her work, her words, and her presence are aspirational to us all. Let’s continue to model the feminine, and support each other across countries, cultures, and class lines. 


To continue this important discussion, join me tomorrow for the next installment in my free Sisterhood Series, where we’ll celebrate feminine power like never before. Click HERE to submit your RSVP! 

With so much love and pleasure,

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Regena is a feminist icon, a teacher, a speaker, a mother, a best-selling author, and creatrix and CEO of The School of Womanly Arts.


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