“It Takes a Checkbook to Change the World”


Our very own, delicious Barbara Stanny is at it again!

She has created the most incredible workshop for women who are determined to take control of their financial destiny and create huge abundance in their lives.

Stanny has had a powerful influence on me, and my finances. She took me from a place of huge debt to being financially free.

I took her classes, worked with her privately, and completely revolutionized my relationship with money, so I am now more successful than I have ever been.

I am no longer afraid of making money—I love it.

And I am thrilled to offer you the opportunity to benefit from her work.

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena


Dear Sister Goddesses,

It’s happening! Next month! On the East Coast! My Sacred SuccessRetreat.  But it’s limited to only 25 women. And space will go fast!

What is Sacred Success™?

Sacred Success™ is my latest body of work. It is for women who’re out of debt and on the verge of or have reached Affluence. It is the most powerful material I’ve ever created.


There are 3 levels of Financial Development

  • Survival — doing what it takes to stay afloat
  • Stability — generating enough cash flow to meet your needs, eliminate debt, and protect your future.
  • Affluence — accumulating ample disposable income to live the life of one’s dreams


For over a decade, I’ve been leading women to Financial Stability in my Overcoming Underearning workshops.

Sacred Success™ is the journey from Stability to Affluence. Believe me, it’s very different from OU.  At this level, Financial Success becomes not just a practical process but a Spiritual Practice.

Why is Sacred Success™ Important?

I believe the planet desperately needs Affluent Women.

As Mother Theresa once said: “It takes a checkbook to change the world.”  I’m convinced that when enough financially independent women reach critical mass, we’ll have the resources, values, vision, and sensitivity to heal this planet and change this world.

I want to be part of making that happen. And I’d love you to join me. Together we can pump up the Pleasure Revolution through the Power of Our Purse!

Who should attend?

  • If you’ve already achieved a great deal, yet still deeply desire, definitely deserve, and fully expect to reap even greater financial rewards…
  • If you strive for ever higher earnings, but at the same time sense there’s more to success than making lots of money…
  • If you’re finally debt free, ready to live a richly rewarding yet more meaningful life
  • If you’ve inherited or married wealth and desire to be a responsible, powerful steward of this money…

… then you won’t want to miss my Sacred Success™ Retreat.

What will you take away?

  • Learn the 4 surprising steps to Sacred Success™
  • Pinpoint the legacy you wish to leave
  • Figure out your Highest Purpose based on your deepest truths
  • Integrate the 4 prerequisites for Sacred Success™
  • Understand the 4 Rules for Receiving, critical to achieving affluence
  • Powerfully navigate and appreciate the Value of the Void
  • Practice the 4 levels of Disciplined Action
  • Discover your path to Greatness
  • Blow the lid even further off your earning ceiling and/or relationship to wealth
  • Be held accountable for stretching farther than ever before
  • Receive valuable follow-up support after the retreat is over, including private coaching with me

East Coast Sacred Success Retreat Dates

Seminar begins at 1:00 pm on Thursday, May 12 and ends 1:00 pm on May 15th.


Location When I launched the Sacred Success Retreat last year in Washington State, I had a huge request for one on the East Coast— so here it is! It is the only one I will be doing on the East Coast this year. The Sacred Success™ Retreat, limited to 25 women, will be held in the serene, scenic, and plush Mt. Washington Conference Center in Baltimore, MD. (www.acc-mtwashingtonconferencecenter.com)


Price: The all-inclusive price includes lodging for 3 nights and all meals beginning with dinner on Thursday and ending with lunch on Sunday, the Sacred Success™ workbook, and a one-hour private follow-up coaching session with me (a $550 value alone!) for only $2,178.00.

If anything you’ve read resonates with you, if you’re ready to be one of the 25 women leading the way to Sacred Success™, click here to find out more.

With Gratitude,


Mama Gena's


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