How to Keep the Party Going When the Curtain Drops


I just had the weekend of my life, the Mastery of my life, and I am so heartbrokenopenly explosively grateful that I have not stopped stomping around like a crazed child, deep into an imaginary parade in honor of all I experienced and witnessed.
When Mastery happens, it is not just a weekend of transformation.
A whole world is created.
Of women, by women, and for women.

And now — after TEN Masteries — the creation of the village and the setting of the stage is like a flash mob dance by an internationally renowned corps de ballet.
Trays of glitter, sparkles, and jewels, stacks of books, cans of the all-natural Pussy energy drink, pink name tags, hand-decorated signs with pearls and flowers and beads, appear on cue.
There are 40 volunteers.
24 big sisters.
A Bubbe.
My staff of wildly delicious sirens, standing at the portal of the sacred feminine.

The village assembles.
The raw thrill of passion crackles and ignites like a field of fireflies.
Even the women who run mics, do so with the extreme passion and understanding of the courage that it took for each participant to arrive, one foot in front of the other, in that room, and then, to feel moved inside, to stand and speak, when she is called to do so.
Threads of invisible but tangible space are held for a woman to fall desperately in love with aspects of herself she has been at odds with, at war with, since she can remember.
Women resist love. It is all part of the fun.

The new village has assembled for the next 6 months.
The new participants have been collected, challenged, and pressed off the edge of a billion new cliffs. And that was in the first hour.
Once we are all on this wild free fall together, creation can really take place.

What do you do that takes you to a place of ecstasy inside yourself?
How do you celebrate your magnificent accomplishments?
At the School of Womanly Arts, we practice digesting the glorious experiences we have together, with a tool called “favorite frames.”
Please post how you digest, or integrate and assimilate the goodness in your life.
We are all learning from one another, in this gorgeous flash mob ballet that is our life.

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena

P.S. Didn’t make it to Mastery this year? Join us at the Worldwide Sister Goddess Weekend! Save the dates of November 9th-11th for the weekend of your life with Miami madness and your Sister Goddesses. We will announce more of the juicy details in the coming months.

Photo: lizlinder.com

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