Kitty Sends You Packin’!

Hot off the press from our very own SG Mary- otherwise known and celebrated as our in-house burlesque superstar: “Kitty Cavalier”: 10 Hot Fashion Tips for The World Wide Sister Goddess Reunion!

Dust off your favorite travel bags and get ready to fill them up! Follow Kitty’s tips and you’ll soon be “packing heat” for Miami!

#1 – Own and Operate your Beauty

Being beautiful starts with owning and appreciating every morsel that is you. Take this tip from Mama: “How interested are you in being beautiful? Are you interested enough to accept yourself completely in order to be a knockout? Consider this seriously my beauties, for complete ownership of ourselves and all our gifts is the price that beauty exacts.” – Mama Gena

#2 – Sexy Swimwear!


Before I came to Mama Gena’s I was famous for sporting long sleeves and pants in full sun on the beach. As a Sister Goddess, I’ve learned to flaunt my curves loud and proud! (YES- that’s ME in the photo!) I’ve even been known to enjoy the sexy South Beach policy: no bikini top – no problem! If you don’t own a bikini, or even think there will never be one in your future, don’t worry- it’s not about getting into a bikini! It IS about knowing that you’re a hot piece a$$ no matter what- and picking a swimsuit to reflect that!

#3 – Sexy Beach Cover Up

Once a Sister Goddess gets into her sexy swimsuit, she never wants to get out. Which is why a sheer, sexy cover up is a necessity for going from the beach to the restaurant to the hotel in style.

#4 – Beach Lips

Being a Pin Up Goddess, I’m always partial to a bright red lip on the beach to match my favorite polka dot bikini. But a shimmery lip gloss, or a just-kissed lip stain will draw the just the right amount of attention to your perfect pout.

#5 – Bring your “Miami” clothes

If you are a Goddess who has been to Miami before, you most likely have a special section of your wardrobe that has never seen the streets of your hometown. Think animal prints, loud colors, metallics, bling. If you have never been to Miami before, see my next tip.

#6 – No Miami clothes yet? No problem!

A word about these Miami threads: very few of us have the courage to purchase them without the insistence of a sister by our side. So if you haven’t a mini skirt or a bikini to call your own, don’t you worry about a thing. Miami has some of the hottest shopping in the world, and your sisters have got your back.

#7 – A fluffy robe

For after your moonlight skinny dip. Trust me on this one.

#8 – Press your edge at our infamous Pink Party!

What better way to celebrate being a Sister Goddess than by wearing our “school colors”- PINK! It’s one of our favorite events of the year, so, have fun and play!

Maybe it’s going all out from wig to toe polish. Maybe it’s just a pink cocktail ring to leave them guessing. Maybe it’s pink glitter sparkling lavishly on your smooth, sun-kissed decolotee. Whatever your Pink Party edge, press it. Show us your shine Goddess!

#9 – A Wide Brim, Floppy Hat

A Miami classic. Nothing says sexy like those seductive eyes peeking out from under your brim, like a naughty, well kept secret.

#10 – Bright, Juicy Fingers and Toes

There are few things more “Miami” to me than the sight of white sand slipping through my hot-pink polished fingers. Make sure to bring some extra polish in case you chip while writing your desires in the sand with your sisters.

And one last tip for good measure:

Find a Goddess who is not Owning Her Beauty and show her how it’s done. If you see a sister with her lights down low – assign her a catwalk. Whisper a womantra in her ear. Compliment her, and accept no response other than “thank you, it’s true.” Nothing is more beautifying to a woman than standing for another in Sisterhood.

Are you salivating yet? Join us in Miami.
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With so much love,

SG Mary (aka Kitty Cavalier)

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