Light is an inside job

Is your light on or off?

Take a quick test, right now: Do you feel flush with enthusiasm? Beautiful? Strong? Confident and capable?

Good, then your light is on.

And, ummm….if you are annoyed or irritated by this question, your light is resoundingly off.

There are lots of very good reasons why we dim our light, or turn it off completely. 

Maybe your partner hasn’t looked at you as if you are the most gorgeous creature on earth in a long, long time. So you flip your inner switch to off.

Or maybe your boss constantly makes you feel inadequate, undervalued, and passed over, time and time again. So the flickering light inside you gets dimmer and darker.

Or perhaps just tuning into current events, or waking up to the latest headlines of our hurting planet and divided people has you in a total blackout. 

Light is everything. No light, no life. It’s that simple.

Do you notice other women’s light? I am sure you do. You can tell right away whether it is on or off.

When a woman’s light is on, she is approachable. You can connect with her. She ignites you and takes you higher. She walks into a room, and no matter what she’s wearing, what she says or does…she just radiates. She’s magnetic, intoxicating, irresistible.

Over the years, my students and grads have noticed this quality in each other. They’ve dubbed it the “SWA glow.” Folks will start asking them, “Are you in love?”, “Did you change something about your hair?”, “What is happening to you?!” 

And the answer is simple: they’ve rekindled their inner flame.

See, inside this community and this movement, you are given permission to stop dimming your light. And instead, to flip those high beams on.

On the other hand, when a woman’s light is off, you can feel that, too. You approach her differently. You regard her cautiously, wondering what kind of darkness you might encounter. Will she snap at you? Ignore you? Resent you? Cut you down?

This issue of light is a real game changer for a woman.

When a woman’s light is on, she attracts:
Love. Sex. Job offers. Promotions. Friends. Miracles.

When her light is off, she repels: Love. Sex. Job offers. Promotions. Friends. Miracles.

Nothing can live without light. Including a woman. And yet so many of us do.

Too many women subsist on a diet of depression, disenfranchisement, self-hatred, and self-criticism. The moment doubt creeps into a woman’s head, her light dials down a bit.

Add a dose of disapproval, and her light is down to a flicker.

She can completely extinguish her life-giving power in the time it takes to have a negative encounter or a sabotaging thought.

The interesting thing about light is that it is not dependent on outside circumstances.

We all know the most overprivileged, overindulged women who have slammed the door on their light. 

And we all know the most humble women of modest means whose lights are bright and blazing.

Comment Below and let’s explore this topic even more:

  • How are you doing in relationship to your own light? Are you a generator? Or a power sucker?
  • How do you handle a woman whose light is dimmer than yours? Do you run, or take her higher?
  • How do you flip the switch when your light is off?

I can’t wait to hear your shares. The world desperately requires our light right now. Let’s shine bright, sisters.

With so much love and pleasure,

Regena is a feminist icon, a teacher, a speaker, a mother, a best-selling author, and creatrix and CEO of The School of Womanly Arts.

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