Is your light ON or OFF?


Is your light on or off?
Right now.
Take a quick test: Do you feel flush with enthusiasm? Beautiful? Strong? Confident?
Good.  Then your light is on.

Light is everything. No light, no life.  It’s that simple.

Do you notice women’s light? I am sure you do. You can tell right away whether it is on – or off.
When a woman’s light is on, she is approachable. You can connect with her.  She is open, beautiful, filled with life. She ignites you and takes you higher.

When her light is off, it is another story. The approach is different. You regard cautiously, wondering what kind of darkness you might be encountering.
Will she snap at you? Ignore you? Resent you? Bring you down? Find you irritating?
How do we handle darkness when we have to relate with someone who has no light?
We all have so many unspoken ways of navigating light, or the lack thereof.
Do you become ultra chirpy, like I do, when navigating the interminable lines at the DMV? Or do you dial your light down to zero so as not to stick out too much?

I do a daily check-in call with my Mom and I can tell from her first word whether her light is on or not.  It’s been on more than not since her fiancé Ted came into her life.
Huge relief for me. I tend to feel a lot of responsibility to make sure the lights of my nearest and dearest is lit.

This issue of light is a real game changer for a woman.

When a woman’s light is on, she attracts.
Love.  Sex.  Job offers.  Promotions.  Friends.  Miracles.
When her light is off, she repels.
Love.  Sex.  Job offers.  Promotions.  Friends.  Miracles.
The interesting thing about light is that it is not dependent on outside circumstances.
We all know the most overprivileged, overindulged women who have slammed the door on their light.
And we all know the most humble women of modest means whose lights are blazing strong.

Light is an inside job.  Not an outside one.

Nothing can live without light. Including a woman. And yet so many women do.

Women live with a steady diet of depression, self-doubt, self-hatred, self-criticism, self-sabotage.
The moment doubt creeps in to a woman’s head, her light dials down a bit.
Add a dose of disapproval, her light is down to a flicker.
She can completely extinguish her life-giving power in the time it takes to have a sabotaging thought of self-loathing.
How do you turn it on if it’s off?

In order to turn on, you must turn on.
Yes, that turn-on.
The kind of turn-on where your whole body is engaged in the hot throbbing experience of merely being you.
Turned on is tuned in.
Tuned in to your magnificence, your beauty, your savage sensuality, your ability to ravish the world with a glance.
The sensual is our savior. Our messiah, our transformer, our magic kingdom.

Light is heat.
Yes, that kind of heat.
A woman engaging her sensual core is a woman engaging with life.
Sensual connection is the only way to turn her light on.
To become like the sun.
Generating life with every encounter.

Let’s jump to the comments section below and explore this topic even more.
Which kind of woman are you?  A generator?  Or a power sucker?
How do you handle women whose light is dimmer than yours?
Run? Or take her higher?
How do you flip the switch when your light is off?
I can’t wait to hear your shares!

With so much love and pleasure,


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