Looking for a Few Bad Women

I love the words ‘Boot Camp’.
Here’s what I think of:
Pressed to the edge.
Carving new musculature.
Toe to toe with other equally committed boot campers, challenging each other to go further, faster, harder, higher.

And Pleasure?
Well, y’all know I got a jones as big as the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy- for Pleasure.
Put these two together and you have the newest, hottest macho combat team that the SWA has ever dispatched.

And since I have never ever launched this ship, before, I wanted to get down and dirty with you all, LIVE, on a teleconference, so I can give you a little taste of my Mama goes Commando, kick-butt boot camp style – all in the name of standing for your pleasure.
Come to the call, and find out if this course is for you. Maybe you:

  • live far from NYC, but you are willing to dive in deep and awaken your slumbering womanhood, by exploring the Womanly Arts, Boot Camp style.
  • have taken Mastery but you have gone a little fleshy and flabby with your use of the Tools and Arts.
  • are one lazy-assed bitch and you want yo’ Mama to come to YOU.

I have designed Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp to be chock-full of opportunities for you to learn the Womanly Arts (through live teleclasses and Q&A calls with me and Dr. Anne Davin!), study the Womanly Arts (through tool cheat sheets you’ll receive), practice the Womanly Arts (through our first ever practice calls, juicy homework designed especially for Boot Campers, and online forums to play on!), and reap the rewards of using the Womanly Arts in your every day life!

I want to, personally, tell you all about it! I’ve created not one- but TWO opportunities for you to get your VIP tour through Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp and have me answer all your questions about it!

Join me LIVE on the phone:
Tuesday, September 7th
12-1pm EST
8-9pm EST

Click here to RSVP!

Please include your name, phone number and which call you’ll be joining me on, and we’ll send you the call in number! (Pssst…all who call in will receive a special BIG ASSED BOOT CAMP SURPRISE as a thank you for joining me!)
Can’t make the call live? Everyone who RSVP’s will receive the playback number on September 8th! (Who loves ya’, baby?!)

Want a sneak peek at my latest creation? Click here for the outrageous over-the-top curriculum in full technicolor!

And wait, before you go on, unlike traditional boot camp where deprivation is the menu item of the day, I’ve designed this to make sure my boot campers are given as many opportunities to stuff themselves with pleasure as possible!

That means you’ll not only get all the Boot Camp goodies when you register- you also get to attend my World Wide Sister Goddess Reunion: The Desire Intensive- FOR FREE! AND you’ll get access to the global forums on Sistergoddess.com for FREE!

Hey- it is called PLEASURE Boot Camp for a reason!

Feel free to pass this little invite on to any woman in your life who’s ready to be lead off the trails of mediocrity and marched right on into the lush paths of their own wild abandon!
I so look forward to getting my hands on you!

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena
General of the Pleasure Revolution


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