Make 2024 the year of your pleasure

What is your pace? Your rhythm? Your flow?

Do you zip through the day – spinning way too many plates, and getting off on how many you can keep in the air?

I know I do that.

We all get so many points for being busy. Or acting busy.

As if our inherent value hinges on how much we can do – and how fast we can do it – in the span of a single day.

When I was a child, my flow was oh-so-slow. I could spend whole afternoons playing in the yard, watching the miracle of an ant crawling up the stem of a dandelion.

There was so much pleasure to be had there.
So many rich sensations.
The sun on my skin. The smell of freshly-cut grass.

There is a way that time and space change when a woman chooses pleasure over production.


There is a way that you, me, we become real to ourselves in the unfolding acres of unstructured time.

Did you know that when we multitask, it doesn’t just make us feel overwhelmed, but it also inhibits our ability to remember the contents of our lives?

We can’t recall our experiences when we multitask. We can’t perceive our own bodies.

I know you can feel it.
The rush. The high. The disembodied excitement.
The emptiness of connecting to a source that is not your own.

One of my intentions for this year is to prioritize relationships, especially the relationship I have with myself.


I am taking mornings off my smartphone.
I want to feel time move slowly over my day.
I want to create a space where my body is prioritized. Where she gets to call the shots.

This morning, for example, I woke early and brewed coffee while I journaled in my favorite chair.
I found an old ipod and used it for my workout. No phone attached.

Then things started to get really good.

I loaded up the tub with several heaping scoops of lavender epsom salts, and adjusted the water to this side of too hot. Lit candles. And read some erotic poetry while soaking.

I love to pamper my feet, so I took a pumice stone and rubbed any roughness away. After my bath, I gently massaged coconut oil into my thighs, butt, torso, breasts, neck, and feet.

I chose a navy blue bra and lace panties that I feel sexy in.
Slipped into my cutest, best-fitting jeans.
Paired them with a tank top. A soft sweater.

I took my time.
I chose me.

I know my power does not come from compromising on pleasure. It comes from recognition, expansion, and paying tribute to my erotic feminine nature.


I gave myself the gift of recognizing and experiencing the glorious, sensual, limitless creature that I am.

See, this ecstatic space is always there.

It is a space that floats above my daily challenges, but does not ignore my daily challenges. It is a space above my anger, that does not ignore my anger.

Pleasure is a paradigm from which I can take everything in my life higher.


And the beautiful thing is, pleasure does not take a lot of time.

Lighting a candle before your bath or shower adds 10 seconds at most, yet it fills the air with a soft fragrance that can transport you to a place and space of deliberate recognition and appreciation for your soft, strong, eternal feminine being.

Taking that grace into your day is a source of renewable energy.
A higher level of order than the chaos around you.

And who could not benefit from a moment above time and space?

2024 can be the year of slow moving. It can be the year of reclaiming your sense of time, your sense of space, your sense of connection to your innate flow.

Ready to drop in and surrender?

Come. I will meet you there.


Regena Thomashauer, aka “Mama Gena”
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