Mama’s Got Free HOT Business Training For You!


If you’re a Sister Goddess who has her own business and wants to make more money, and reach more people via the Internet, you have to check this out. Two of my favorite entrepreneurs, Marie Forleo and Laura Roeder, are sharing some incredible online training videos as part of their Rich Happy & Hot b-school launch – for free!

In this video series they’ll share detailed case studies, reveal exactly how they make money online, explain marketing strategies in a simple and fun way, AND teach you how you can do it, too – all for FREE! Not to mention they make it super fun and sexy…no buttoned up business training here. (I hear there’s a movie trailer and music videos—these ladies know how to make business fun!)

One last important thing… Marie told me that since these videos are part of their b-school launch, they won’t be available forever. So if free business training turns you on, go sign up to watch them now. Both of these women have added so much to my business. In fact, I took this program last year and it inspired us to add well over six figures to our bottom line. And the quality of this material is incredible. I’d really take advantage of all this goodness if I were you. Use this as a kick-start to get your genius out into the world in the most pleasurable (and profitable) way possible!

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena

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