Desire talk, with my bestie Marie Forleo!

It’s not an easy thing to bring a vision into being in this world. Especially inside of a no-pain, no-gain culture, where we’re so stuck in our to do list, we can easily lose track of what we’re working towards in the first place.

Yet every idea, every creation, every dream – it all starts with desire. Always.

Today, I’m so thrilled and honored to be digging into this topic with my beloved friend, Marie Forleo, as her guest on her award-winning show Marie TV.

If you don’t know Marie, then you should. She is one of the most powerful thought leaders of her generation, and I am proud to know someone who is as beautiful and filled with integrity on the inside, as she is on the outside.

If you ever thought your dreams were too big for you –

If you have ever thought the world can’t handle you –

If you have a dream inside that keeps tugging at your sleeve –

If you feel you will never get where you long to go –

then today’s interview is for you:
marie forleo and regena thomashauer

In our conversation, I get really real about how I created the school — what it was like to teach six women in my living room when I was first starting out, and how the whole “Mama Gena” persona came about.

You’ll also learn why it’s essential to take time away from your to-do list and I’ll share three quick tools you can practice right away.

After you watch, I’d love to hear your take:

Have you ever had a somewhat crazy dream that you nurtured into fruition, seemingly against all odds? Or, is there a desire in you right now that really needs more airtime?

Join the beautiful conversation in the comments on Marie’s blog.



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