Free Masterclass with Mama Gena

with Mama Gena: Using your erotic aliveness to manifest your desires

Live on Zoom

September 22, 2021
12:00pm - 2:00pm ET


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Welcome Sister!

I’m so glad you stopped by. I have something extraordinary in the works, and I want YOU to be part of it.

On September 22, I’m planning a totally free, POWERFUL live event on Zoom. 

This isn’t your typical webinar — with stuffy slides and one-sided lectures. It’s a place for you to come and reawaken your ALIVEness. 

It's a place to rest for a moment from all the transitions and changes — to acknowledge the intensity of what we have all been through — and to find extraordinary new pathways to move forward in order to recreate your next steps.  We need community if we’re going to fully reboot. 

You will find a place to locate your center — to connect with your hot, molten, sacred core and experience how you can activate your own GPS* — to guide you home to yourself.


Im preparing a powerful Masterclass 

This work is all about having a felt, lived experience. It doesn’t quite fit into a tidy syllabus or concise itinerary. It has to be translated and understood through the body.

Some of you may know that my teaching style leaves space for whatever “wants to happen” in the room. So I never know exactly where we’ll go, or what will shake loose and transform inside the sacred container of the call. That’s where the magic occurs, and that is what I live for, truly.  

That said, if you’re hungry for some specifics, here’s just a bit of what we’ll be exploring September 22: 

  • How to cut loose from the most common ways that we women lose our power — depression / disapproval / disconnection / disenfranchisement / devastation — and step into your ALIVENESS 
  • In need of a post-pandemic realignment? We’ll show you how. 
  • Feeling anxious and unsure of your next step? We’ve got the most ancient, time-tested tools ready for you to plug you into your power.
  • Our foremothers, their ancient teachings, and why we need them now more than ever

Regena Thomashauer

The one and only “Mama Gena” is a teacher, best-selling author, mother, media personality, and founder and CEO of the School of Womanly Arts — which began in her living room in 1998 and has since grown into a global movement.

Regena believes that women are the greatest untapped natural resource on the planet, and that as people of all genders reclaim the magnificence of the feminine, the patriarchy will fall away, liberating us all.

She’s dedicated her work to women, to sisterhood.

Regena is here to reclaim the eternal, grief-soaked majesty of the Feminine — from within a culture that doesn’t know what that even means yet. She is here to uphold the exquisite wholeness of women, to celebrate our darkness, our rage, and our grief — and then, to turn on our joy. She is here for our bodies — bruised, depleted, shamed, and worthy, right, perfect, beautiful, hot, wise. Alive.

Join the Masterclass on September 22

If any of the above feels useful, pertinent, life-changing — especially now — then add your name and email below and save your “seat” while we still have space.