My wish for you in the new year

I want to check in with you, [First Name], with all of us.

It’s the week after Thanksgiving – how’s your energy? Your attitude? Your sense of wellbeing?

Are you bouncing through the days, boundless and joyful?

Or are you just slogging along…checking everything off, but feeling depleted and running on fumes? (Maybe more than others realize because you do your best to put a smile on.)

I meet a lot of fume-runners.


Wanna know why? Because existing as a woman in this culture is exhausting.

Working in and out of the house is exhausting. Parenting your kids with a full time job is exhausting. Doing the emotional labor for our families, especially when loved ones are ill, is exhausting. Fighting to be heard is exhausting. Existing in a war-torn world is exhausting. Pinching already pinched pennies is exhausting. Walking home in the dark with keys between your fingers is exhausting.

If you’re taking better care of others than you are of yourself this holiday season, it’s not because you’re lazy. It’s because you’re tired.


Sister, you have every reason to be tired.

And, I don’t want that for you, for us. I love the bodies of women. I love us.

I want us to be nurtured and nourished as we cross the threshold into 2024.

What if I told you there is actually a recipe for living an engaged, turned-on, happy, healthy, ecstatically alive life for a woman, no matter what?

It’s just that no one really teaches us what we require to thrive inside a patriarchal world culture that fears and suppresses the feminine.

So here goes: We need community and sisterhood. We need tools and arts that connect us to our turn-on. We need a container of deep support and accountability.

If one of these cogs in the wheel is out of balance, we slog and slug instead of bound and bounce through our day, our lives.

So how will you rekindle your sacred spark in the new year?

What can you commit to – right now – that will turn this post-holiday slog into connection, and turn-on, and all the things that serve and support your feminine soul?


I have a couple offerings on the horizon that just might do the trick.

My 6-month teacher training program is returning in the new year, and it’s the perfect next step for anyone who desires a deeper cut of my work, an infusion of community, and the leadership expertise to share this life-changing technology with others.

>>Join the waitlist for my Pleasure Coaching Program right here<<

Plus, I have a brand new six-week course kicking off in the first half of the year that is bound to fill your energetic cup to full brim – keep your eyes peeled for more info!

Inside of my classrooms, we don’t stand for victimhood, self-sacrifice, martyrdom, or suffering. We stand for joy.

We find the space and feel the power of choosing our own needs first.

So, join me in making 2024 the least exhausting, most supportive year of your life with the tools, training, and sisterhood to make it all possible.

With so much love and pleasure,

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