New video series – watch and start getting what you want NOW

Yes!!!  It’s happening today!!!!

The School of Womanly Arts is about to launch our Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp, and in honor of cutting a woman loose from whatever limits her genius, and celebrating the potential in every single one of us who has ever had a desire for MORE, I am launching this free video series, which will take place over the next month.

I designed this series to give you the specific technology that allows a woman to take any dream or desire, no matter how seemingly impossible, and turn it into a reality. In this first video, I’ll show you exactly how I did just that. You’ll see my “before” and “after” and learn how I went from waitressing tables with a newborn baby at 41 years old to turning on thousands of women as the “Queen of Pleasure” and living a life beyond my wildest imagination. I’m about to connect you with an even deeper experience of your life force and show you the vista from which anything is possible…

As I mentioned in the video, you can learn more or enroll in Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp by clicking here.

Later in this series, I’m going to give you an overview of the concept of pleasure, and take you on a tour of all the Womanly Arts, so you can grab these tools and start running, not walking, towards living the legend that you were born to become.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this free video series:

  • Why the discipline of pleasure is not only life changing, but cell changing and crucial to your health.
  • How I used the Womanly Arts to create the career and life of my dreams
  • An insider’s look at The Womanly Art of Flirtation and how I used this Art to great effect during a career milestone on national television
  • How to connect with your deepest passions and live your dreams in the here and now
  • What is keeping women small and how to expand your voice in the world
  • Fast and easy homework assignments that will instantly change your chemistry
  • Five living, breathing legends share their inspiring stories

As we dive into this series, you are going to notice something right away: living your destiny is actually a lot easier than compromising.  And feels so good and so right. You are going to get a little “Mama in your pocket.” My mission is to load you up with jet fuel for living your unique version of a life that seems too fantastic to ever be true. If I can do it, so can you. I need you to get this information now. There is no time to waste settling for “fine.” I want you to show me what you’ve got. The world is waiting on it, sister…

Stay tuned for my second video in the coming weeks, where I’ll teach you the science behind the core perspective of the School of Womanly Arts and show you how to begin adding on the missing portion of your education as a woman. This information is what most of us wish our mothers had taught us…

Let me know in the comments below how you enjoyed this first video. What dreams still live inside of you that are ready to launch right now?

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With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena

P.S. These videos will give you a taste of the material that we cover in depth in Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp. You can learn more about the program here.

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