Why can’t I ever do anything NORMAL on Thanksgiving?!

Yo, sisters.

It is I, your Queen–Queen of Pleasure, Queen of Eccentric Thanksgivings, Queen of Change–here to shower some gratitude and juice and inspiration all over you.
This year I am heading out to Montana, to celebrate Thanksgiving with my daughter, who is in boarding school.
And I am sitting next to my very very ex husband, who is also heading out to see our girl.
This goes on the list of things I never thought I would be doing.

Last year, at this time, I was in NYC, hanging out with my tribe of girlfriends.
The year before? Having a clandestine encounter with a lover in Miami.
The year before that? With my beloved Pentti in LA, at his son’s house.
Before that? London with a girlfriend.
Why can’t I ever do anything normal for Thanksgiving?
I keep thinking I want to be normal. But it never turns out that way.
I think something in my body sees normal and runs in the opposite direction.
And for this I am grateful.

I follow my heart. My truth. My intuition. To the very best of my abilities. Just like you.
And when my desire opens a pathway, I throw my saddle astride the unknown and gallop in a whole new direction, guided and secured by being deeply rooted in the Womanly Arts, and the Tools of the Womanly Arts.
Just like you.

Steeped in the Tools and Arts.
Sometimes your whole new direction is celebrating this holiday in a place you could not have imagined.
Sometimes that new direction is being where you expected to be, but in a way you have never been before.
Listen to how Sister Goddess Leora is standing for her pleasure, inside her traditional family celebration…

I brag that I am leaving on Tuesday for Thanksgiving and I feel so relaxed and grounded as I enter the loony bin. My sisters are already sniping and behaving in really unhealthy ways. I am in my pleasure and intend to stay there. I brag that I desire to have a lovely time and to stay connected to my pussy at all times.”

She is heading for home, well armed with the Womanly Arts, to stay sane and happy for the holidays.  Or how about this from Sister Goddess Laura?

I brag that this year I finally remembered to do most of my charitable giving during the month of November when my company will match donations 100%.
I brag that I gave to a number of my favorite organizations–Room to Read, the Salvation Army, Komen Breast Cancer Society, Red Cross, Save the Children and Habitat for Humanity.
I brag that I gave generously and am so excited that each organization will get double the amount due to matching from my company!!”

She has learned that the best way to ensure her own happiness is to give generously to others, from her surplus. Making a beautiful Thanksgiving for herself, inspired by her own generosity, and for so many.

And this one, from Sister Goddess Veela, who has found that she can flick the switch from victim to courtesan in the moment she reaches for a Tool!

I brag I am HAPPY. More and more often I wake in the mornings with a big smile on my face. And when it’s not there, I am getting into the habit of creating it. I brag I self-pleasure nearly every day and sometimes two or three times (or more) in a day. And I listen to upbeat music (doing so right now, even!) and take dance breaks. And more and more often I have been catching myself when I’m about to stress out or lose my temper, and I remember to take deep breaths and to relax.”

This brag fills me with joy.

This Sister Goddess community is a gigantic, ever-growing, ever-expanding happiness generator.

Whether you are utterly eccentric in your celebrations, like me, or utterly traditional, like Sister Goddess Leora, or utterly giving, like Sister Goddess Laura, you have the keys to your happiness in the palm of your hand…like Sister Goddess Veela.

I am so grateful to be part of this community of women who make ecstasy their reality.

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena

PS-Tell us how YOU will be using the Tools and Arts to celebrate Thanksgiving this year.

Post here on the blog, or onour Facebook pageor on Twitter. Or share your research on Sistergoddess.com. It’s your choice- the key is to share it with each other in community, so we can keep taking each other higher.

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