Off the Deep End of Pleasure


Okay, so I went a little off the deep end this spring.
But, hey–
Wanna come with me?
What Goddess doesn’t want to see these things in her calendar?…love, money, sex, and dancing?! Intrigued?
Here’s a sneak preview of what will be landing in your inbox in the next month. The upcoming e-mails will be packed with all the details; for now, I want to get them on your pleasure radar…

Love: Jill Rogers returns to Mastery next week, after which she will teach her brilliant workshop — The Seven Sacred Steps: An Experience In Loving — on Monday, May 24th, from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Oh, this sister has got something really good going on here. She has captured the art of capturing the heart of a man in a way that sources both of you from your divinity. Jill has taught me to stand even more powerfully for my desires. Allow her to do the same for you. For more information, check out my blog about it, or to register, contact Jill at 480.588.5523 or via e-mail at TheSevenSacredSteps@earthlink.net.

Money: If one of your desires is to be rockin’ with your finances — I’m talkin’ ripping the lid off of what you believe is possible for you and your finances, learning to RESPECT your money by spending less and saving more, and doing this in a totally pleasurable way — Barbara Stanny is your WOMAN! You will NOT want to miss her incredible Overcoming Underearning Workshop on Monday, June 21st, from 9:30am to 5:30pm. Cost is $399 until May 28, 2010. On May 29th, the cost jumps to $475. If you are a graduate of Barbara’s OU class or teleclass, you get to repeat it for only $299! This is the LAST time you’ll be able to take this LIVE with her in 2010! For more information, visit http://www.barbarastanny.com, or call (360) 385-0600.

Sex: C’mon. You know how much I love sex. I love to have sex, read about sex, learn about sex, teach about sex. So I have dedicated my spring to opening the doors of sensual expansion for all of us by inviting Dr. Steve Bodansky, one of the authors of “Extended Massive Orgasm,” to come to NYC. He will be speaking at Mastery, and also offering one-on-one sensual sessions from June 15th-19th. For more information, go to the Bodanskys’ website http://www.extendedmassiveorgasm.com/ or contact him at verasteve@aol.com.

And lastly (isn’t this an amazing array of tempting treats?)…

Dancing: Who out there hasn’t wanted to be the pretty dancing girl, being twirled around the dance floor, your skirt swirling, as graceful as a queen? Now’s your chance if you sign up for An Evening of Dance Seduction: Monday, June 21st, from 7:00pm-10:00pm. This is your chance to dance with world-renowned ballroom instructor, Alex Tchassov, and many other gorgeous professionals, and FEEL the sensation of “the art of pleasurable surrender.” Cost is $125 for Sister Goddesses who enroll by May 24th; after this date, the cost is $150. To register, call (347) 248-2533. For more info, check out the website at www.alexandsally.com.

That is some list, huh?
Choose whatever lights you up and ignites you. Or choose nothing. But know that I am here, by your side, committed to opening up door after pleasure-filled door to make sure you receive the opportunity to meet some of the greatest facilitators on the planet!

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena

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