Conducting this orchestra of life


I have just gotten the single mother break of the century.

My daughter has a whole weekend sleepover with a camp friend, in the country.  She gets fresh fall air, changing leaves, and giggling all night with friends, and I have time to ride my horse, catch up with friends, and sip a cup of hot tea in an outdoor cafe with one of the last warm rays of summerish sunshine blessing me.

This time is so precious to me I could weep. I get to catch up with myself. Stop conducting so many orchestras at once (school schedule, soccer schedule, therapy schedule, work schedule, writing schedule, friends schedule) and breathe into all that has happened.

I had an amazing summer.  I was away at the beach for the whole summer, and I lived a long-standing dream to own my own horse. Which turned out to be one of the smartest decisions I ever made.


Well, learning how to ride my 1,500-pound, insecure, emotionally unstable, smart, beautiful, loving, prickly, temperamental horse has instructed me, to my deepest body and soul, in how to even more effectively parent my teenager. And weirdly and wonderfully, the calmer my horse gets, the calmer my teenager gets.

It reminds me, yet again, to never ever doubt the power of a woman’s desire.

What seems like a purely selfish or self-serving desire, actually never fails to elevate everyone and everything in a woman’s life.

I am so grateful for the lessons.

What are you grateful for from this summer?  (Tell me, and let’s celebrate together in the comments below!)

Anyhow, as you might know, we created a special video series this summer, and I wanted to share all of them with you today. I know we all lead busy lives, but I didn’t want you to miss them. I’m really proud of the vulnerable stories and shares our course graduates offered. I appreciated their in-depth advice, and I know whatever you are going through in your life, you will be able to relate.

Are you going through a divorce? Recently had a loved one die? Have you just changed careers, or are otherwise going through a significant and complex change in your life? You’ll want to watch this segment:

Our next segment, which was one of our most popular, was on navigating and loving our bodies as women.  Think you’re fat?  Want smaller thighs, bigger breasts, higher cheekbones?  Waiting to lose 5 pounds to enjoy your life? See the video here or click the image below:

Wish you had a man? Want to change up the one you have? In the middle of a divorce? Want to better train the one you have? This segment is all about men and relationships, and tips and strategies that work:

And last but certainly not least, from this summer’s series is our video segment on sensuality and sensual pleasure. How do we truly enjoy enjoy these bodies, feel confident and sexy, and harness our natural power as women? Do not miss this segment:

I so hope you enjoyed this summer’s series as much as I did.  And thank you again to our graduates who volunteered to share their stories and wisdom with us.  Also, thank you to Monica McCarthy of Show and Tell Stories for her video directing and production genius–we couldn’t have done it without her.

Want to have us make more videos in the coming months? Tell us what you wish we’d make them about.  Share your questions, desires below.  We love your input!

With so much love and pleasure,


Mama Gena

P.S. If you are interested in learning about our Worldwide Sister Goddess Weekend in Miami next month, click here to get all the information. We will not be offering this trip next year, so join us for our last, and best Miami conference!

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