Are you pissed you don’t have what you want?


When you have a deep desire, what do you do?

Are you thrilled to be filled with yearning?
Do you enjoy that delicious feeling of wanting?
Or do you focus, instead, on the pain of not having what you want?
Are you pissed that you don’t have what you want?

Do you curse the heavens that you do not have the hot, rich boyfriend?
Or punish the universe with your unhappiness since you do not yet have the impressive job with the seven-figure salary?
Do you weep or rejoice every time you see a random woman pushing the baby stroller you wish was yours?

It is so frustrating and so discouraging when you can’t seem to get what you want. And sometimes whatever you do, it seems you just cannot get any traction.
You light candles and say prayers. You write down lists and lists and lists of desires. You do affirmations all day. You read books about the law of attraction.
And nothing.  Nada.  Zip.

Desires. We all have them. We are filled with them. Ever-unfolding.
And there really, really is a way to make your desires into your reality.
There is an element that alters the game of longing. And no one ever gives us the crash course in that. Until now.

Did you catch my blog from last week? Good, if you did. If not, read it now.
It’s a blog about light, and how important it is to turn yours on.

Once you get yourself rekindled, you can read the rest of this. The rest of it won’t make sense unless your home fires are burning.

Your choice to light your light is the price of admission into the game of desire.
If you remain turned off and cranky, you will never ever get what you want.
In fact, disapproval of anyone or anything, even (and especially) yourself, immediately vaporizes a desire.

Once you have got your light lit, then the next ingredient that adds extraordinary, almost miraculous velocity to a desire, is Sisterhood.  Community.
There is no way you cannot get what you want when you plant that desire in a sea of Sisterhood. (Which is the whole purpose of the Worldwide Sister Goddess Weekend in Miami.)

Once you learn the intoxicating combo of actually enjoying your desires–because you fill each of them with your light–and then you add the element of Sisterhood, you have the most perfect growing conditions for the manifestation of desires.
And I want women to learn this.
I need women to learn this.
Because if every woman knew that planting her desire in a community of Sisterhood would alchemically result in the activation of her desire, we would have a real urgency for International Sisterhood to be created.
It would be in all our best interests. Which, it actually is.

Imagine with me…a world where women supported women, in getting what they wanted.
Women standing for one another’s desires.
Women reflecting each other’s light, back and forth, to one another.
Women living their dreams.

I make it really easy for women to experience and practice this necessary step, in the Worldwide Sister Goddess Weekend in Miami, by organizing a group of 500+ women, united in their desire to live Pleasure Revolutionary lives, who bring their most glorious and outrageous desires and plant them inside this bubbling cauldron of Sisterhood.
We always begin the weekend in the same way. Friday night, we gather in the Miami Convention Center and start celebrating each other’s desires.  Writing them on the walls, on banners, and Post Its.
The inevitability of Desire is proven again and again and again as the weekend unfurls, and in the days, weeks, and months that follow.
It begins in Miami.

But, with these elements intact, you can make it happen anywhere.
If you are not coming to Miami this year, join us anyway.
Gather your own group of Sister Goddesses. Bring your desires. Stand in your radiance. Celebrate each other.
And experience the magic of woman, Unleashed.

I’d love to hear from you. Post in the comments below:
What are your most deeply held desires?
How can you plant your desires inside a supportive community of women?

With so much love & pleasure,


P.S.  For those of you interested in health and wellness, my dear friend and guest teacher of Mastery, Dr. Christiane Northrup, is unveiling a new course called “Embodied Wisdom: Decoding the Mystery of Vibrant Feminine Health”. I thought I’d share about it with you in case you’re interested.  As you know, I love her and her work.

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