Pure, Raw, Feminine Power

What if you knew, from the time that you were a babe, that your body was sacred? A source of power? A change agent?
I have often wondered what that would be like.

Most women I know, including myself, have struggled to find the beauty and value in our bodies.

Most of us were raised to feel some measure of shame around our womanhood, our sexuality, and our bodies in general.

This was not always the case. Our ancestors believed that pussies were imbued with protective and healing energies. Flashing your pussy at the devil, for instance, would frighten him and protect you from his grasp. Pussies could protect villages from opposing warriors, threatening deities, and wild animals. Ancient Egyptian women might flash their pussies at a freshly planted field to ward off evil spirits and inspire the crops to grow.

Pussies were known to guard against evil, and nourish both the individual and the community.

Fishermen’s wives would flash their pussies at the sea before their men would depart for a fishing trip, ensuring smooth travels, plentiful catch, and a safe return. If a woman wanted to invite a storm, she need only pee in the ocean waves.

Meanwhile, women from Madras, India, would soothe an impending storm by exposing their pussies to the heavens. In his book Natural History, the 1st-century historian Pliny the Elder describes how hailstorms, wind, hurricanes, and lightning could be tempered by the mere sight of a naked woman.

So much power in the flash of a pussy!

What would it take for women to be able to access that power, themselves?
My answer to that question was writing a brand new course called GPS* (Great Pussy in the Sky), which I launched on the sly, this summer, with a couple hundred amazing women in tow.

One of the women in the course had an incredible story to tell.
Her name was Manvir Dhaliwal, and she was born in Punjab, India in a farming community.
When she was a small girl, her grandmother would lift her up, by the ankles, and flash her pussy at the sky to protect the crops from an oncoming storm.
From the time she was a toddler, she knew her pussy was so powerful that she could protect her village from an approaching monsoon that might destroy the crops that were meant to feed her family.

I had never met a woman who was from this powerful lineage.

A woman who was part of a practice that has taken place for thousands of years. A woman who received the download, in her body, that she was sacred, a source of power, a change agent – from the time she was a baby.
Who gets that experience?
There are probably only a small handful of women, on this planet, who were raised to know they were sacred. I was ecstatic to meet her and talk to her.

I asked Manvir if I could interview her for this newsletter. I wanted you to see and feel the underlying confidence that she has in her ability to manifest, or draw-in her desires. From being paid her worth at a high-paying job in Silicon Valley and architecting the man of her dreams out of thin air, to finding the best education for her son, and following her mentors to the Amazon rainforest – the universe has aligned to support each and every one of her big desires.

Manvir is uniquely uncluttered.
She just simply knows she can make anything she wants happen.
So can you.

Women learn from other women. Shame can spread like a virus. But so can self-confidence and power.

Allow her inner knowing of her innate power to inspire yours. Catch a little bit of her inspiration. The simple truth is that women create with our desires.

Beneath the shame, beneath the doubt, beneath the clutter, lives our pure, raw, feminine power. It wants so much for us, and is so ready to fire up, create, manifest, and unleash.

What does your pure, raw, femine power want for you, and for the world, right now?

With so much love and pleasure,

p.s. To watch the full-length interview between Mama Gena and Manvir click HERE

Regena is a feminist icon, a teacher, a speaker, a mother, a best-selling author, and creatrix and CEO of The School of Womanly Arts.

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