‘This Is LIVIN’ Kid!’

I was so excited to be lying on a beach, swimming in the ocean, in Mexico…..with my daughter…..while my Rachael Ray Show episode aired back home !!!! As my dad would have said, ‘This is LIVIN’, kid!!!!! You are traveling in tall cotton!’
Thanks for tuning in, and for your outpouring of praise and support!

In case you missed it, (or you just want to watch it again) you can see the video of me taking the three women out flirting by clicking here.
You’re gonna LOVE their reaction when I give them my #1 flirting tip!

Want even more tips for getting your flirt on??
Here’s a little breakdown of The Womanly Art of Flirtation– and I threw in a couple of fun homework assignments to help strengthen those flirting muscles of yours.

Last but not least- pull out your headphones and listen closely to this fun little audio on flirting. What it’s really all about is learning how to enjoy yourself in the presence of others! Once you get this, you’ll be flirting like a pro- and having a heckuva lot more fun wherever you go!

Be sure to come back here and share your flirting adventures with us!

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena


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