Radical Holiday Pleasure Diet

Yo sisters,

Here is a question I get asked a lot:
How can I handle the holidays?
How can I not just handle the holidays, but actually have an incredible time?
Even when I am facing scads of family?
And the pressure of everyone’s expectations?
And the break from my routine?
And today I want to give you a solution.
A Radical Act of Pleasure.
There is nothing more balancing, more restorative, more enlivening, more uplifting to a woman, than a Radical Act of Pleasure.

What is a Radical Act of Pleasure?
It is an action you take—in the direction of pleasure—when you least feel like it.
Instead of being cranky when you are cranky.
And angry when you are angry.
And frustrated when you are frustrated.
You lob a grenade in the direction of your doldrums, by reaching for a Radical Act of Pleasure.

This may mean that in the middle of cooking for your extended gang—just when exhaustion and crankiness are about to overtake you—you blast some music and declare a dance break and make everyone dance like furies with you.
It might mean that you come down to breakfast wearing a tiara and your pink feather boa, to make sure everyone remembers you are royalty.
It may mean that you sneak out to a cheap motel for a little sex break with your partner.
You can brush your teeth naked, wearing only high heels. Compliment a complete stranger. Go to a park and sing a Christmas carol out loud, for no reason.
You are the radical. You get to choose.

Here are some of my recent radical acts of pleasure to inspire you:
-We rented a karaoke machine for Christmas here at The Palace and took random singing breaks during the day.

-I grabbed my goddaughter, went to the barn and kissed and hugged all the horses.
-Feeling exhausted, I checked into the spa for a few hours: after steam, a mani-pedi and a massage, I was ready for my dinner date with a fantastic new guy later!!

Cranky is cool. But a Radical Act of Pleasure is revolutionary.

What Radical Acts of Pleasure do you have up your sleeve? Post them in the comments below, to inspire your sisters.

And as you move through this holiday season, I would love for you to keep me updated on Facebook and Twitterof all your latest Radical Acts of Pleasure. Be sure to mention “@mamagena” and use the “#RadicalPleasure” hashtag. For example:

@mamagena I brag I gave myself one uninterrupted hour with a stack of my favorite magazines #RadicalPleasure

Here’s to being on the front lines of the Pleasure Revolution and squeezing every drop of joy from this holiday season!

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

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