Raise your hand if you’re stuck as f*ck

Are you living a life that feels like yours? All yours?

Is it an expression of what you value? Of what you love? Of who you are?

If the answer is no…that’s probably because you’ve been too busy surviving, and serving, and being responsible, to pay any mind to what you want, and who you are.

Worker, mother, girlfriend, boss – these are just a few of the labels we slap across our chests, and over our hearts, that signify our value to others, our service to others, our identity as it relates to others.

It’s a cultural affliction, women living lives that aren’t really our own (but look like they might be).


You see, we have been trained from an early age to fold on our desires.

And there are three specific ways we do it:

1. We don’t know what we want.
2. If we know what we want, we don’t believe we can have it because it feels too big.
3. When we get it, we can’t receive it.

Do you know where all this folding on our desires leaves us, [First Name]? Stuck as F*CK.

Stuck as f*ck feels like: Dread, stagnancy, anxiety, resentment, agitation, irritation, boredom, exhaustion, depletion.

It is that urgent little voice in our head that whispers: ‘This isn’t the life I’m supposed to be living.’


Stuck women can be highly productive. They can be generous and successful. They can be employee of the month and mother of the year.

But, inside, they clock what others do not see…the big, gaping, crater-like void of a half-lived life.

So, how do we get unstuck?

1. We figure out what we want.
2. We decide we can have it.
3. And when it comes, we accept it with gratitude.

So simple. In theory.

Unless you’re living in a culture that fears and suppresses the feminine. (Which you are.)

Your stuckness isn’t a sign of failure; it is evidence of a patriarchal system working precisely as designed.

And this system? Sisters, I’m here to tell you it can be hacked.

All it takes to reclaim your life are the right tools, a desire for change, and a pleasure expert (like me) to show you the way…

Introducing Mama Gena’s Ultimate Guide to Getting What You Want – a game-changing new resource that will hoist you out of stuckness and into your highest power. (Get your copy right here!)


To really start living lives of substance, lives that truly belong to us, we have to get creative about our circumstances by reaching for pleasure in big and small ways.

Why? Because pleasure feeds desire. And desire is what drives a woman. It is the fuel that powers her next becoming, and her next, and her next.

In this totally free Guide, I outline a two-part practice that will help you identify your pleasure blindspots – all the life areas that lack joy – and approach them with an attitude of play and possibility.

It’s time to take ownership of your existence, [First Name], every sacred part.

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Regena Thomashauer, aka “Mama Gena”
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