Rapture. How long has it been?

That place, that space, that time.
When everything feels, and is, euphoric.
So good, so right.
You know your place and space in the world.
And you want it to last forever.
Because every second is better than the last.

Rapture is that sense that not only is everything alright—it is better than alright.  It is fucking ecstatic.
In fact, when we experience rapture, we understand what it means to be truly alive, truly living, connected to all things, feeling both on-the-floor grateful for the gift of life, and on a rocket to the moon with euphoria and exultation.

When was the last time you felt that way?
Do you feel that that place called Rapture is at your fingertips, at your disposal whenever you wish?
Or is it elusive?  Just outside your grasp?  Impossible to find when you need it most?
Once you had it, now it’s gone. How do you get there from here?

Rapture is something little kids feel all the time.
Every day.
Every moment of every day.
Isn’t that what is so captivating about a baby?
They are saturated in the exquisite rapture of being alive, experiencing fingers, toes, sights, sounds, gummy first smiles.
We touch our own rapture when we encounter a baby.

Does it ever seem to you that rapture cranks down as we grow up?
Why is that?
There isn’t time.
It isn’t appropriate.
It doesn’t belong here.

And where are we taught that rapture does belong?
Where are we supposed to feel it?
Dancing at a rock concert?
When we are high on drugs and alcohol?
In the arms of our most deeply longed for Prince or Princess?
Watching a sunset?

Then again, how many times have you had one of those experiences and NOT felt rapture?
Because you were too busy, or too stressed, or too exhausted?

And what happens to a woman’s life force when rapture vanishes?
What happens to her joy?
Her enthusiasm?
Her sense of self?

Well, I have to let you in on Rapture’s little secret.
She has nothing to do with the Prince.
Or the Princess.
Rapture is YOUR birthright.
The gift YOU bring yourself.
A product of being born a woman, with the gift of 8,000 nerve endings dedicated to pleasure.
Rapture is the food that fuels a woman’s soul.
Rapture actually means more to a woman than food, than clothes, than shelter.
It is a place where her true essence comes into full flower, and the sense of connection and meaning returns to her everyday life.

Most of us have had the experience of being enraptured by something or someone.  Who hasn’t been enraptured by a painting?  Or a performance?  Or a crush?  What women fail to realize is that we are the generators of rapture.  Rapture exists because we cast our spell.  Because we decide.  We are the possessors of the pixie dust.  It glitters because we say so.  And women have no idea that we hold all the cards.  So we go chasing rapture—in someone else’s eyes or in someone else’s image, or in someone else’s opinion—because we have not embodied what is rightfully ours.
If I don’t take ownership of my rapture, someone else will.  And they will sell it back to me at twice the price.

Every woman deserves to know the address, the location, and the directions to her own sense of rapture.  When you know rapture can be yours, no matter where you are, no matter what is going on, no matter what you are doing, no matter who is—or who isn’t—in your life, then you are free.  Flying at an altitude that serves your soul and fuels your desires.
That is why we have dedicated this year’s Worldwide Sister Goddess Weekend to “A Place Called Rapture.”  I want to give you tools to access yours, anytime you require it.  Here’s what you’ll get at the weekend, November 9th-11th:

  • Pipeline direct access to your life force—anytime, anyplace, anywhere
  • Learn how pleasure and the Womanly Arts create a foundation for a rapturous life
  • A guided tour of the place called Rapture inside of you
  • Risk-taking target practice
  • The technology to isolate and extract the advantage out of every disadvantage

…and some special surprises. For more details or to enroll online, click here.

What does Rapture want for you? How could rapture change your life right now? Would Rapture permit you to stay at the job or relationship you’re in? Tell me in the comments below.
And if you wanna let your girlfriends in on rapture’s little secret, please share this post.

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena

P.S. Join me on Tuesday, Oct. 9th, 8-9PM for a free, one-hour introductory call to A Place Called Rapture. I’m going to take you on a live, guided tour of the place called Rapture inside you, and you’ll get to ask me all your burning questions about what’s in store for this year’s Worldwide Sister Goddess Weekend. Just wait ’til you hear what’s on the agenda… Register here.

This event already happened. Check out The Immersion: Miami.

Worldwide Sister Goddess Weekend FAQs:

When? Where?
Start time: Friday, November 9th, 2012 at 7:30 pm
End time: Sunday, November 11th, 2012 at 1:00 pm
All of the class sessions will be held at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

I’ve never taken any of your classes; can I still come?
Yes! As I state in my book, every woman is a Sister Goddess; therefore, if you’re a woman over 18 years of age, this party is for you!

How much does the Weekend cost?
The cost for all three sessions is $399.

How do I enroll?
Call us at (212) 787-2411 x1 or click here to enroll online.

Can men come?
Yes! While the general class sessions are for my Goddesses only, your men are welcome to hang out at the beach after sessions and attend our parties, including the famous Pink Party!

Can I come by myself?
Absolutely! Come and make new friends.

Can I bring friends?
ABSOLUTELY! One of the things I love most about the School of Womanly Arts is the ridiculously strong friendships that are created, AND I would be absolutely delighted for you to bring your friends, your sisters, and/or your mama. It’s going to be an absolutely rockin’ experience to have new Sister Goddesses mixing with Mastery grads mixing with Mastery speakers. It’s come one, come all, and I’m relying on each of you to gather the troops so we can turn Miami into Pleasure Central.

Which airport should I fly into?
You can fly into Miami International or Ft. Lauderdale. Miami International is closer.

Hotels—Where should I stay?
To assist in your travel planning, here are a few recommendations:

The Standard Hotel
(305) 673-1711
Special Rate: $259/night + taxes and fees
Book by telephone by Oct. 7 and say you are with the “Mama Gena” group to receive the discount.

The Catalina Hotel
(305) 535-8284
Special Rate: $185/night + taxes and fees, 2 night minimum stay required
Please click on the link https://www.southbeachgroup.com/groupevent/index13.html for special pricing. Reserve by Oct. 15th to take advantage of this discount.

The Riviera Hotel
(305) 535-8284
Special Rate: $215-$265/night + taxes and fees, 2-night minimum stay required
Please click on the link https://www.southbeachgroup.com/groupevent/index27.html for special pricing. Reserve by Oct. 15th to take advantage of this discount.

Photo: lizlinder.com

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