Results that defy logic


How many new year’s resolutions did you write down this year?
(Don’t roll your eyes at me, Miss Missy!!)
And how many of those resolutions have been on your list for quite some time – years, even? (Big group sigh.)
What is it that happens to a resolution – that it stays unresolved?
What inner demon flat-out stops a resolution in its frail tracks?
Why is it that they seem to suddenly evaporate when you pass a dessert cart at a party?
Or face an employer who intimidates you?
Or spend another Saturday night…alone?

And wouldn’t you just give the whole wide world and then some to solve this riddle?

Being able to actually conjure, create, and live your dreams, desires and resolutions.
Desires, dreams, hopes, wishes, resolutions – it’s all a slice of the same pie. As women, we can create with our bodies, our thoughts, our intentions.
And no one in this wide world tells you how, teaches you how, or tosses you into the deep end so you can swim in brand new waters and make it to a brave new shore where you get what you want in record time in a way that simply could not be predicted.
Well, until The School of Womanly Arts Mastery Program.
Get ready – I am about to reveal a little known but incredibly important fact, especially if you are a woman:
Logic is the enemy of creation. (Click to tweet!)
Worse than kryptonite to Superman.

Have you noticed how often you will think of something utterly wonderful – an absolutely brilliant new year’s resolution – that you long for, but, almost as instantaneously as you have that thought, your logical mind shuts your desire right down?
Your logical mind sends in thoughts like: I could never do that – it’s too much! Too extravagant! Too selfish! Impossible!!
And your resolution slowly begins to vaporize. And you are left with a shrug, an ‘oh well’ and an eerie sense of failure.

Because there are circumstances which actually create creation, and allow for the fulfillment of any and all new year’s resolutions, but the culture we live in is not structured in a way to support a woman’s dreams coming true. We live inside this culture like round pegs trying to fit into a square hole.
It’s not through setting goals.
Not through logic.
Nor doing the right thing that cuts a woman’s imagination and creation loose.
It is her connection to her own pleasure.
Her connection to source.
Her plugging into the magnificence of the body woman.
And connecting all those magical circuits to Sisterhood.

This is not at all logical. We operate differently than a man operates. Our creation process is utterly different than the way our culture has trained us.

At the end of this blog, I am going to let you read a detailed story of one of my Sister Goddesses who has been defying logic since she took Mastery six years ago. She was never supposed to meet her soul mate, never supposed to fall in love, get married, move into the dream house, and most especially, she was never ever supposed to have a baby!!
What made this possible?
What made it possible for Ellen, who started a nonprofit to serve women, able to generate a huge revenue stream for herself and her foundation?
What had Barbara, at age 67, fall in love – for the first time in her life – with a beautiful man, who can’t stop buying her jewelry?
And how about Angela, who gave notice, with nothing on the horizon except an unnamable intuition, score one of the most highly sought gigs in the publishing industry, working with an icon, two days before her current job ended?
A secret ingredient, that is strictly feminine, that is guaranteed to create results.
Logic is the enemy of the feminine.
Logic is limiting.
It stunts growth and stifles a woman’s creativity.
Logic says no, you can’t, it is just not possible.

And there is nothing impossible for a woman who understands how to access her feminine power, and use her body, mind and soul to get what she wants.
There is a new paradigm, a new playing field, a new dimension.
But it requires a logic bypass and the use of a whole new aspect of your physiology.

So, just below Sister Goddess Lynda’s incredible story is a little exercise that can begin to unscrew the lid on the magic that has always been yours.

Dear Regena,

Happy holidays! Before I get caught in the whirlwind of my family’s arrival for Christmas, I wanted to take a moment to share with you my HUGE BRAG. I’ve been hoarding this one for months – over nine months, to be precise! On October 7th, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! Kate Elizabeth, 8’3”, 20 delicious inches!!

You probably remember how I have been in a baby lust since my first Mastery in Spring 2006 – and I hadn’t even conjured my great guy yet! Now Paul and I have have been living in our dream home for the past almost two years and three fertility specialists later, all of whom told me I had less than one percent chance of getting pregnant naturally (and a less than 10 percent chance doing IVF with my own egg), I am a mama!

The amazing thing is, I got knocked up the old fashioned way – at 45 years old! We had already decided to do IVF. We even came to the decision to use a donor egg as this would up our chances of success to 60 percent. I had even found a beautiful goddess of a girl to contribute an egg anonymously and put a 500 dollar deposit down on her. On the day I was to go the fertility clinic to sign the final papers and hand over the check for the procedure, I decided to take a pregnancy test just in case, and voila!! And all because I gave up on having a baby and just had sex with my husband simply because he’s hot, and well, what woman who lives for her pleasure wouldn’t?!

I really think this conjure was about surrender. The first time I articulated my baby desire in public was during my Spring 2006 Mastery – my very first Mastery. I was in a small pod of sister goddesses when I finally felt safe sharing my desire to have a child. Even speaking this desire to this handful of women scared me. It seemed nervy of me to even want a baby since I was about to turn 40 years old! Especially since I wanted the baby with my guy – and I hadn’t even found my guy yet! When my sisters saw my vulnerability, they encouraged me to get up during the next Mastery session and tell my desire to the whole room full of Sister Goddesses. I had never gotten up to say a word during Mastery and now they wanted me to get up and tell the room my deepest, long-held desire! But I did it. I stood up on stage next to you, Regena, and told the room that I wanted to have a baby. You kissed me on the cheek as the room vibrated with goddess energy and the sounds of women cheering me on. I even saw a member of my pod – SG Candace – leap into the air. Afterwards, many goddesses approached me, one to offer her doula services, SG Natalie, who said she would begin to knit me some baby booties! Their belief that my desire would come to me was even greater than my own faith at the time. I remember later, in Miami, another goddess, SG Danielle, saying to me when I was in a moment of doubt: “How can you NOT get your biggest desire?”

Here it was, six years later, I was now happily married, but I had given up on having this baby desire my way, and decided to open myself to what the universe seemed to be offering. This allowed me to finally anticipate this desire because really, I wasn’t able to imagine myself pregnant at 45 until I put my money down on another woman’s egg. As soon as I did that, I began to relish this long-held desire of being a mama. And here I am, a mama, to beautiful baby girl, at 46 years old!

Just wanted to say thank you again for all you’ve shown me about how to live the life of my dreams! This baby is the final of my three top desires that I wrote down in Spring 2006 – (I wanted man, baby and dream home!). Now I’ve got to dream up my next big desires…probably one of them will have to do with my next book, which I finished just days before Kate was born! But in the meantime, wanted to let you know my big brag and to wish you a wonderful holiday season and new year!

SG Bombshell aka Lynda XOX

To begin practicing, I have a small but powerful exercise for you:

Think of something you want.
It could be something small, or something huge, like Lynda’s desire.
Write down your desire, your dream, your resolution.
And call three good girlfriends today, and share them.
Ask them to say these words to you, “And so it shall be, or something even better!!”
Having another woman hold your desire, and support you in your resolution, adds jet fuel propulsion to your dreams. (Click to tweet!)

In so much love and pleasure,


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