Rule #1 for women who want to be free

A free woman is a woman who stands in the middle of a thunderstorm of pain, and bellows “Bring it on!” to her higher power.

A free woman is a woman who grabs her suffering with both hands and rides it like a flying saucer in the snow, down a mountainside.

A free woman is a woman who turns up her volume when the world disapproves.

A free woman trusts herself so deeply that she is crouched and poised to grab what’s hers – that hot stranger on the dance floor, an uncomfortable truth on the senate floor, or another woman’s hand who’s in harm’s way.

A free woman feels the difference and knows the difference between what actually feels good to her body, and what her current partner feels she owes him/her.

A free woman does not ignore being ignored.
A free woman takes her cues from the sun, the wind, the rain, and lives her truth like an aria.

If you are a woman who longs for that inner sense of freedom, who longs for that inner sense of connection to her truth, her passion, and her voice, then read on…

Because, sisters, the world is not getting better for women.

Just look at systemic inequities, racial and gender-based violence, wage gaps, attacks on our reproductive rights, shrinking feminine leadership, and so many more troubling trends.

And so, waiting on the climate to change is not a functional option. Change must come from within.

What has to improve is a woman’s ability to deal with, and speak truth to a world that is not holding her in relevant esteem.

Because truth is freedom. And it’s a card that none of us were encouraged to play…until now.

The urgency is like never before. I know you feel it, coursing through your body. It can feel like frustration – straining against invisible chains that keep you bound to a way of life that never gave you, you.

The School of Womanly Arts exists to give women the opportunity to break free from those chains, into a new sense of power and urgency. 

It is something that can only happen woman to woman.

We need the experience of other women modelling freedom, and we long to model it for others.

Sisterhood is the safe space where you get to connect with your truth, and have it celebrated.

Supportive sisterhood allows the real you to shine through. 

Not the image of you that you think everyone wants to see. Not the you that placates, the you that cooperates, the you that compromises. The real you.

For centuries, women have been encouraged not to be transparent. They have been encouraged, instead, to follow the rules and guidelines of others, to hold back their truth, and to stuff down their vast emotional range and power.

So many of us have been so deeply conditioned to sit on our truth that we stop ourselves from sharing it, even when we have the opportunity.

Think about it – is anyone really and truly advantaged when we keep our deepest thoughts and feelings to ourselves? What are we actually afraid of?

In your transparent truth, you will find your freedom.

Let’s begin here. Together.

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With so much love and pleasure,

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Regena is a feminist icon, a teacher, a speaker, a mother, a best-selling author, and creatrix and CEO of The School of Womanly Arts.


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