To my sisters...

I had a late term abortion.

The process that led to that decision was lengthy – grief-filled, prayer-filled, devastating, and fraught. But ultimately, it was my deepest and best effort at protecting myself and my unborn child from a life of unnecessary suffering.

Every woman who chooses abortion has her own version of this story.

The act of feeling our way through to both find – and then live – our deepest truth is an inalienable right that the American founders deliberately placed inside the Constitution.

Those rights include “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

According to this declaration of essential equality, no one is born with a natural right to rule over others without their consent, and those in government are obligated to apply the law equally to everyone.

Today, the US Supreme Court chose to turn back the clock on women’s rights by reversing Roe v. Wade and blocking our constitutional access to abortion.

We are living in a time when world ‘leaders’ are using their power to deliberately and specifically attack the feminine – to eclipse our rights, our bodily autonomy, our ability to make vital reproductive decisions.

This international war against women is not a new game.
It is as old as the Patriarchal World Culture, itself.

And it is not a war that can be met with hate.
It is a war that can only be met and deactivated with the tools of the feminine.

As Audre Lord said, “The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house”.

What does that even mean?

When a woman can step out of her wound, and into her Courtesan, her Queen, her erotic power – she has the ability to shape and create a new reality, not only for herself, but for everyone on this planet.
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It’s time to come together, Sisters. To mobilize and galvanize and make our voices heard.

This is not just an attack on women’s reproductive rights, it is an attack on women. Nobody has the right to use your body against your will.

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Next Thursday, June 30th at 5 pm EST, Join me for the latest installment in my monthly Sisterhood Series.

Together, we will open a new, unimaginable portal of co-creation and pave the way for a higher outcome to emerge.

Join us on Thursday, June 30th, 2022 at 5 PM Eastern / 2 PM Pacific

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Together we will start 

We will grieve together, rage together, and turn on together.

We will sister in bold new ways.

We may not yet know where we are going, or how we are going to get there.

But the road to freedom – to a new paradigm, to creative evolution, to dismantling “the father’s house” – starts with desire.

We will start exactly where we are.
With fear, with doubt, with pain, with no idea how.

With the combined power of our Pussies, we will send a powerful and pointed message to the universe that the disempowerment of women will no longer be tolerated.

Our collective activism will pave the way for some higher outcome to emerge.

To RSVP for this monumental event, click below. And please spread the word by inviting ALL your sisters to join you. The more we come together, the greater our force for change. 

I look forward to feeling it all with you next Thursday.

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena