What is being called forward in you right now?

How’s your uphill slog?

Sometimes, in my life, I have felt like the GPS, the universe, that which is greater, is giving me an opportunity to grow that I do not understand, that I am not sure I asked for, and that I am definitely not very good at.

One of those big learning curves was when Maggie was born. That was a huge education in a hurry. Suddenly my life was round the clock care giving. Breast feeding. Diapers. Working. There were no days off. It was a shock and an opportunity that made me a better woman.
My divorce was a similar bombshell. The learning curve was astronomical – I had to absorb so much about finances, lawyers, running my own business, and being a single mom. This made me a more compassionate, understanding, grateful, strong as f*@ck woman.

Who has that feeling right about now?
That the GPS, the universe, that which is greater, is giving us an opportunity to grow that we do not understand, we are not sure we asked for, and we are definitely not very good at?
So the big question is…how do we show up?
What skills are we being asked to build?

How do we grow in these particular growing conditions?

Conditions that we have never seen, that are for the most part out of our control, and that we might not have ever asked for, or even imagined?
Doesn’t it seem like some new part of you is being called forward?
A new way of thinking, a new way of being?

As so many of us reel from the impact of Coronavirus, what is this opportunity to grow, to transform, that we have been given? And how do we chart our course?
What is working? What isn’t?
Overachieving, overworking, and pushing forward as a way of life has been utterly sidelined.
(As I recover from Covid, I am taking a two hour nap, every single day.)
No matter how uncomfortable overworking was, it was a way of life for so many of us.
This is a time for setting aside the more masculine, patriarchal tools that we have been taught to prioritize.

Working harder, faster, better is not going to bring us enlightenment right now.

Going it alone, seeing profit as the goal, and cutting off from our emotions will take us nowhere we want to be. In fact, almost every aspect of the broken masculine that has been defining our world culture is rendered utterly useless at a time like this.

It’s time for the slumbering feminine genius in each of us to awaken.
Now is the time to begin to practice and prioritize the skills and instincts that are innately ours. We all thrive in pleasure, collaboration, turn-on, and joy.
It is a time for vulnerability, for connection, for growth through nurturing ourselves and others. We all have to surrender to the changes in our circumstances and tap into our intuition, creativity, and empathy. It is a time to build relationships, build community, build sisterhood.

We are recognizing the interconnectedness of everything and everyone. Staying emotionally tuned in, and plugging into our sacred power is the new (not new) paradigm that is our innate feminine pathway as women.
We have these skills. Yet we have been encouraged to set them down for the past 5,000 years of patriarchal conditioning.
And now is the time for each of us, as women, to begin to connect to that which is essentially our sacred knowledge, our nature, our truth, and to live this truth out loud, and make our voices heard in this world.

And curiously, splendidly, magnificently – the pathway there is not suffering.

The pathway there is pleasure. Fun. Interconnectedness. Those moments of devilish joy when we saw our brothers and sisters in Italy making videos of singing, playing the trumpet from balconies, skittering across the floor on a skateboard, just for fun and to celebrate life. And we caught on and now honor our healthcare workers in New York City every night at 7 p.m., singing and banging pots out of our apartment windows. Those moments when we call a friend and dance together on the phone or over Zoom. Or bring food to our neighbors in need.

We are finding our way through to a whole new paradigm.

Our innate feminine radiance is our pathway to the future, and pleasure is our roadmap.

Together, in sisterhood, and in pleasure, we can love our way back to ourselves.

With so much love and pleasure,

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