Spit or Wallow?


In just 7 days, I will host the “Welcome to Spring Mastery” LIVE tele-class for all those already enrolled in the program. (Participating in the call live is just one of the benefits to enrolling by Wednesday, March 3rd.)
Never before have we had so many women enrolled at this point in the game. It astonishes and thrills me to see the appetite for pleasure expanding and spreading like wildfire.

It’s usually at this point when women start to wonder if their desire for Mastery is possible. They wonder if it’s gonna happen. They start to worry, fret, and freak that what they want is too much, too extravagant, too improbable. There’s one thing I teach women from all over the planet that is probably the biggest game changer of all:
Let me say that one again.
That impulse, that vision, that pull you feel towards whatever you want is your connection to the Divine. And we’ve been trained not to trust our appetite — not to want too much, for fear of looking greedy, being disappointed, or appearing demanding.
Desires are not about that at all.
Desires are about the sheer enjoyment of them. And that’s exactly what we’re going to focus on here.
When you enjoy your desire — savor it, breathe life into it, study it, invest time into it — things start to happen. Things that you never ever could’ve cooked up for yourself or even believed possible. But this doesn’t come from wishing it in your pretty little head — or hoping that it will come true. Desiring is a verb — an action verb. And desires LOOOOOVEEEE attention.

For example, there was one Sister Goddess who totally desired to come to Miami. On the surface, it looked like there was no f-ng way she could attend. Did she give up? No way. This SG played full out. She wore suntan lotion to work (so she could smell like the beach), she picked out her outfit for the world famous Pink Party. She did dance breaks in her bikini around the house. She investigated flights, talked to other SGs about rooming together — she was not going to be sitting at home while the Miami madness ensued. Guess what? She conjured it — cheap tickets, a place to stay, free meals — this Sister Goddess lived into her desire.

Want more? How ‘bout the Sister Goddess who wanted a ring from her guy? It was this amazing little ring that looked like a crown. She was completely captivated by this treasure. She asked him for it, and he said he’d love to give it to her, but couldn’t afford it right now. She was about to give up on her desire, but this Mama wasn’t going to allow such a thing. Not when I saw how this piece of jewelry lit her up! I encouraged her to practice the art of wallowing in a desire. She went and looked at the ring. She came back and bragged on the Online Community about the number of diamonds it had, how it looked on her finger, its intricate patterns, how it felt to wear it. The sales ladies at the store got to know her, and would call it “her ring” when she came in. Friends contemplated buying it for her as a surprise, but realized it would be much more powerful for her guy to get it for her. So, she played with her guy. Flirted with him. Got him to “go look at it” on Valentine’s Day. She put it on for him and had him admire it and watch her enjoy it. Before she knew it, he was saying, “Let’s ask if we can do a payment plan. I want you to have that ring.” This SG almost fell down on the ground. This was the same man who told her he couldn’t afford it, and yet — after totally wallowing in her desire — he was buying it for her.

The moral of both of these stories is to get active and engaged with your desires. Place exquisite and fun attention on them. Don’t worry about outcome. The fun is in the process. The enjoyment. The wallowing. We’ve gotten so focused on the “end result” that we get pissed, frustrated, and annoyed, and want to throw that juicy, lusty, greedy part of ourselves out the window. This is a dangerous move. Squelching our appetites and our desires is what makes us overeat, overspend, overlook ourselves. It dampens our light, our fire, our energy. It’s a habit I’m out to eradicate in my lifetime.

So, grab your desires with both hands, ladies; declare it out loud and lunge and plunge into the delicious waters of your desires as though you’d been lying out in the sun for hours, and decided it’s time to cool off. You throw off your clothes, make a run for the dock and plunge into the refreshing waters. You can even let out a whoop as the cold waters envelop your body and you remember that you are ALIVE — because that, my dears, is the power of pleasure.

Want more stories? Oh I’ve got more! Whether you like to read, watch, or listen, I’ve got you covered! Click here and let the wallowing begin!

If you’re ready to make a run for the dock and plunge into Spring Mastery 2010, and you desire to join me for the Welcome call next Wednesday, March 3rd, call my team today.

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The question is will you spit on your desires or wallow?

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

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