4 Steps to Crash Through Your Upper Limit

Whew. Wowza. Last week’s book launch was seriously and no kidding the total highlight of my career, my life. What do you do when a dream you have been dreaming, slowly roasting, basting, tending, turning, and nurturing for 20 years, leaps to life and comes true in more glorious, fabulous, heart-opening ways than you could …

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Overloaded with “shoulds”? This can help.

  Just a few weeks ago, one of my students was asking me how the heck is a gal supposed to stay inside her beautiful, beguiling, creative, endlessly renewing feminine nature, while living in a rip-roaringly masculine, gotta-get-it-done patriarchal world that encourages us to set goals and hit them out of the park, and all …

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“I am a survivor.”

I draw courage from the stories of women who have courage. I draw strength from learning from women who have overcome the insurmountable. I transmute when I hear of a woman who has remade herself, cellularly. The fire in my belly busted into a wildfire when I heard Annette’s story. And the very same thing …

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6 Mistakes That Keep You in Indecision

It is so easy to make the same choice over and over and over again. Making a bold decision, and stepping into something new is almost impossibly difficult. Usually we have to be chased by something achingly painful – like a viciously unhappy relationship. Or deep physical discomfort. Or a job we hate that does …

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