I am drenched in gratitude

Extreme gratitude. Sweet gratitude. Outrageous gratitude. Gratitude that brims like water from a swollen creek bank, or a ripe bursting mango, oozing from its rose-gold casing. Gratitude like the summer sun, hot, bright, and lavish. Or the dazzling abundance of a snow bank in winter. Hip swinging, heart-stopping, pulse-thumping gratitude. Gratitude that has no words …

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4 Steps to Crash Through Your Upper Limit

Whew. Wowza. Last week’s book launch was seriously and no kidding the total highlight of my career, my life. What do you do when a dream you have been dreaming, slowly roasting, basting, tending, turning, and nurturing for 20 years, leaps to life and comes true in more glorious, fabulous, heart-opening ways than you could …

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Thanksgiving 2014

I am up to my 15th thank you note. And maybe I would have done it anyway. But not to this extent. It’s this week. And the spell that gets cast with this, my favorite holiday.