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4 “Rules” to Get Your Desire, Faster.

I got what I wanted. Exactly what I longed for. At the precise moment that I wanted it. Wow. Life is amazing. I am amazing. Who has ever had the opportunity to say those words? Seems like desires are somewhat more mysterious than that. Somewhat less generous. We get what we want long before we …

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This is the day.

Oh, sisters, mine. I have been pawing the ground like a racehorse. Pacing back and forth in the wings, for a dozen years, waiting for this moment. My brand new book, Pussy: A Reclamation is hitting bookstores everywhere, today. Right now. This book has been burning inside of me for so long, waiting for the …

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Coochie? Cupcake? Tutu? “Down There”?

  Think about it for a sec. When you were growing up, what did your ‘bits and pieces’ get called? Can you remember? This might seem like a frivolous question at first. But hang in there with me. At the beginning of Mastery, our foundational course at the School, I will ask this exact question …

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