15 Things You WON’T Get If You Go to Miami

Let me be frank.
The Worldwide Sister Goddess Reunion is not for everyone.

Regena at WWSGRThere are some women who are content to color inside the lines.

And then…there are Sister Goddesses. Women who are interested in creating their own illustrations. In teasing, cajoling, seducing, and inviting their desires. Women who are ready to have more…and willing to do something about it. Here’s a list of 15 things you will NOT get if you come to Miami…

Every Woman’s Greatest Fear

Every woman is most afraid of her desires. We’ve been taught to judge, doubt, and ignore what it is we really want. But inside every desire is an adventure, waiting to transform you. Living a life unbound and leaping in the direction of what you want requires immense courage. A kind of courage that is fostered in the Sister Goddess Community. Thus Miami. The perfect playground.