new book

This is the day.

Oh, sisters, mine. I have been pawing the ground like a racehorse. Pacing back and forth in the wings, for a dozen years, waiting for this moment. My brand new book, Pussy: A Reclamation is hitting bookstores everywhere, today. Right now. This book has been burning inside of me for so long, waiting for the …

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Coochie? Cupcake? Tutu? “Down There”?

  Think about it for a sec. When you were growing up, what did your ‘bits and pieces’ get called? Can you remember? This might seem like a frivolous question at first. But hang in there with me. At the beginning of Mastery, our foundational course at the School, I will ask this exact question …

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The #1 Key to Bold Confidence (and All That’s Possible As a Result)

  They say that fortune favors the bold. But what if there is nothing really bold going on right now? And worse still—what if I think I actually have no bold? And what if I am right? I like to think of myself as an avid student of bold. As an educator and thought leader, …

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Ever been told you’re “too much”?

Has anyone ever told you that you’re ‘too much’? Too loud? Too emotional? Too needy? Too desperate? Too clingy? Too sexy? One of my guy friends was complaining to me, just yesterday, that women are insane. And this is a really great guy with a wife, and three daughters. Who was raised by a single …

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