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January 02, 2018

It’s a New Year! You got through 2017!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah you did.  If you are anything like me, you are breathless from the last 12 months. Maybe a little sweaty. Fevered? Shaky? Anxious-excited? It was the kind of year that could break a person, if she weren’t careful. It was the kind of year that could...

January 03, 2017

Whew. Wow. We did it.   Welcome to a brand New Year, my darlings. 2017 is here. And so many of us are thinking– perhaps now, more than ever—about what to make of it.   What do we want to accomplish, discover, create, become? ‘Tis the season, when we women are encouraged to fiercely scribble...

January 06, 2015

You may or may not know this yet, but one of the reasons you joined this community is that you wanted to get really, really good at the Art of Yearning. Yearning is a way for a woman to spend her life in connection with Spirit. As we sink into this fresh New Year, many...

December 29, 2011

Consider throwing yourself a little Desire List Party every New Year’s Eve.


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