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December 18, 2012

Sister, I love presents. Getting them is cool, but mostly I love giving them. I love that delicious feeling of anticipation when I have found the exact perfect thing for someone, remembered to tuck it in a drawer and pull it out just in time to blow their mind with how well they are known...

November 27, 2012

Darling, The world of relationships is never easy to navigate. Every time a woman puts on her lip gloss and heels and hits a bar, a club, a restaurant, a library, an online dating site—with the hope of having a fun encounter with a new guy—she is taking a huge crazy risk with her sense...

July 17, 2012

After two days of sanding, plastering, and painting modest classrooms and offices in the Kaloleni School in Tanzania, I needed a break. I wandered over to the kitchen that we were in the process of rebuilding, and watched with pride as the kids and parents unloaded a truck full of 40-pound cinderblocks, to construct the...

April 24, 2012

I feel like an idiot. I am such a loser. I hate myself. How many times have you slung one of those phrases at your sweet, unsuspecting self? It gets worse. I am so fat. I am too old. I look like sh*t. I hate my body. How many times have you stood by, while...

February 07, 2012

I have been getting calls from my girlfriends, here and there, hither and yon, near and far, with the same complaint: I want to bring my girlfriend to the Intro this Thursday. But I can't find the words to tell them who and what this is? There is nothing like this on earth.

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January 26, 2012

Radical Pleasure is no joke. It is a piece of technology that any woman can reach for, any day, any time, anywhere--to have a friendly little mud wrestle with the universe in order to have her way.

December 01, 2011

Good Goddess, I’ve got it good. I am so rich and full from this sisterhood we have created, that I simply must brag right now and let you in on all my recent adventures as The Pleasure Queen.

August 23, 2011

Click here to listen to my audio guide to the top five ways women blow it with men and how to triumph.

June 28, 2011

I can hardly believe it was only four months ago that this class poured through the doors of The School of Womanly Arts, nervous, excited, scared, and wondering what was going to happen. Who were all these strange women who were taking the class together? And now, we have a new family of 200 plus Sister Goddesses and a box of Tools and Arts so relevant, so practical, so essential that we can barely get through an hour of our lives, or a decision of our lives, without reaching for a Tool or an Art to give us a leg up.

April 07, 2011

Desires are anything but frivolous. They have the power to transform you and every other person who has the privilege of being in your presence. In fact, the entire School of Womanly Arts began with the spark of my own desire, kindled by the hot, throbbing appetites of you, my sisters.


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