Do you put yourself last?

Where do you fall on the scale of priorities in your life? Do you put yourself first? Or last? Would you cancel your plans with friends if your boss asked you to work late? Do you invest in yourself? Or give your all to others? Do you know how harmful that is? OK, I admit …

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Courage, pleasure, and shoes.

Back in the day, when I was just figuring out how to spread my School of Womanly Arts wings, I held my very first classes in my living room. These were tiny workshops with a few handfuls of women that I taught out of my brownstone apartment on the Upper West Side, after I tucked …

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6 Practices I do every morning

It is my deep, hot, and holy conviction that the body of every woman is a living, breathing altar. Yes, I mean you. Overworked, underloved, insubstantially paid you. Yes, even underworked, overloved, exaltedly paid you. The question is- Do you treat yours as such? Think about it. There is no human alive today who was …

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Do you get as good as you give?

After watching the Golden Globes the other night, I just had to check out the film BOYHOOD. I especially loved Patricia Arquette’s acceptance speech, where she said: “You placed in my hands the part of Olivia, an under-appreciated single mother. Thank you for shining a light on this woman, and the millions of women like …

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