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May 10, 2017

Darling, “How am I supposed to feel turned on and in love with my life, when I spend so much time at a job I hate?” I received this question from a reader recently, and wanted to address it today because I know this sister is not alone in her frustration. Who amongst us hasn’t...

September 08, 2015

This post is part of our summer series on the Womanly Arts, in honor of our upcoming course, Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp! Alyce, a Mastery Grad from NYC, joins us to share her inspiring story of how she transformed her relationship with her body, self-care, and confidence, through her practice of the Womanly Arts! Alyce,...

August 27, 2015

I just turned in the second draft to my editor, and I am gearing up for the third and final round of edits for this book, which had been busting a hole through my soul for several years. And I gotta say, this bitch is burnt, fried and crispy. Even when you love love love...

August 05, 2015

Have you ever had a desire – a big, big desire – that you’ve nurtured for months, years, even decades – and then there comes a moment in time when you realize it is actually happening? That it’s actually coming to you, with more velocity than you can even handle? About a year ago, I...

August 12, 2014

Welcome to the sixth installment of our 8-week summer series, The Womanly Arts Unplugged, in honor of our upcoming course, Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp! This week, Jocelyn, a Mastery Grad from New York City, joins us to teach about the Womanly Art of Partying with your Inner Bitch! Jocelyn, Age 35 – Comedian & Director...

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December 28, 2010

The dance break is a tool that we use in the School of Womanly Arts Mastery Program to help a woman celebrate herself. A woman’s body LOVES to move. You may not. Guess what? This practice is especially for you. The dance break acts like a reset button, breaking the energy of your doldrums and...


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