Thanksgiving 2014

I am up to my 15th thank you note.

And maybe I would have done it anyway. But not to this extent.

It’s this week.

And the spell that gets cast with this, my favorite holiday.

When Thanksgiving approaches, I am devoid of the kind of dread I feel at Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day.  I just start putting on the lens of thanks, and I don’t take it off for many, many days.

This morning I was thinking how grateful I am for the men and women who follow the archetypal call of hero, by putting on a uniform and defending our country.  Or running inside burning buildings.  Choosing to protect others, as a way of life.

I am grateful for the people who know things that I have no idea about: the people who keep boilers working, and electricity flowing, and garbage and recycling moving.  I am grateful for the geniuses at the Genius Bar.  The food in my refrigerator.  The phenomenal health of my mom and her beloved.

I am grateful that my dog forces me into Riverside Park every morning.  And that my daughter is playing the part of Gertrude in Hamlet in her high school play.  I am grateful to be a mom.  I am grateful for my neighbor Carla and her kids, who I can visit in my PJ’s.  I am grateful for DK, the amazing man who gave me a horse for my entrance in Miami.

Grateful for OM’s.  And cute clothes.  My own health.  Feeling sexy.  Friends.

I am grateful for the most incredible Miami, ever, and grateful for The Experience ahead (mark your calendar for Jan 31st & Feb 1st!).

I am grateful for you, right here, right now, reading these words.

I am grateful for you, my sister.

And I want something from you.

I want to hear the sound of your thanksgiving.

I want to hear from you – sharing what you are grateful for, right here, in the comments, below, so we can have ourselves a community Thanksgiving celebration right here, right now, and roll into the holiday season filled up on each others’ gratitude.

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