The Dream That Had Me


Sistergoddess.com is days away. Sometimes I wonder if it was a dream that I had — or was it a dream that had me? It is the collective dream of Sister Goddesses past, present, and future who have been calling out to connect with women from around the globe. To unite, share, and celebrate each other.

When I read Sister Goddess Janine’s email this week, it felt like a prayer to the divine, and it articulated in earth-shattering beauty the essence of what is to come on this sacred site…


I am longing for my fabulous sister in Paris who trades homes with me every year in July.

I am sucking in my Indonesian NYC sister who invites me to join her for 40 days of Lulur because she’s getting married… to herself.

I surrender to sneaky Saturday brags of our sisters under the Taliban who give us the scoop of what really happens in the Hammam every Friday night.

I am sucking in the pleasure researchers who call me out whenever I am lingering in mediocrity.

I am in complete agreement with my Argentinean sister who swamps her husband’s affair so raw and beautiful that every post sounds like a tango and sends tears running down my face.

I am amazed by how many secret courtesans around the world finally have a place to post their wisdom.

I am in awe of my newest spring cleaning partner, the Dogon astrologer who Skypes me everyday from the steps of Djenné.

I am desiring argon oil tips from the Moroccan SG who was my “little” in mastery 2011.

I am dripping from the lewd sexcapades of our 70-year-old Algerian SG and her young new gardener.

I am upriding the brags of the Philippine SG who set me up with her brother.

I am singing hallelujah to receive an invitation to deliver the keynote address for the women’s conference from my sisters in the Maldives.

I am gushing over the Hot Tips website post of the fiercest fashion coming out of Brazil.

I am grateful for my Tamil SG who posted her great-grandmother’s recipe on how to cleanse and tighten the vagina.

I am bragging about the hilarious sleepover of all the SGs who got together for the film festival in Bobo Djuilasso.

I am celebrating the SG in Crete who makes me laugh so loud that I fall on the floor no matter what she says.

I am reconnecting with the Mami Wata rites from our sisterhood in Benin.

I am Yessing my sister from Ireland who posts the greatest links of Celtic singers and raunchy poetry from her weekend pub crawls.

I am dancing with my Colombian SG who invited me to salsa with her for the entire month of December.

I am upriding the brag of the month of the SG who got Mama Gena’s books translated and published into three more languages.

I am in reverent gratitude to the powerful women who send my orbit higher deeper and play bigger in pleasure, pleasure, pleasure…. And so it is.

Sister Goddess Janine E.

Thank you thank you thank you to Janine and every Sister Goddess out there who asked for Sistergoddess.com, who dreamt of this site, who desired this Sisterhood. It’s all for you. It’s all for me.

July 1st is going to be a glorious day for women on this planet as we launch Sistergoddess.com. Make sure you’re on my email list so you’ll get the invitation to become a member!

Would you care to add your desires to the collective? Care to join the group of midwives who are birthing this new creation? I’d love for every woman reading this to join in the naming and claiming of this experience of global sisterhood. Post your desires for sisterhood right here!

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

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