The End of the Great Depression


Depression. Numbness. Anger.
When there’s no enthusiasm, no turn-on, it bleeds the energy from every part of your life.
And we have all been there.
Every time we are faced with a situation that we don’t feel thrilled with, we are overwhelmed. And when we are overwhelmed, doubts about ourselves, and our decisions, suck us down that old familiar drain.
Anytime there is something in our lives that’s making us unhappy, it’s like a slow leak in a tire. Until we find what the leak is, we can’t really get the tire all filled and fat and ready to roll us down the highway toward our desires because we’re limping along, losing steam, losing energy.

This is where Mastery comes in. Within the context of the course and the support of the Sister Goddess community, you will begin the art of learning–step-by-step, with baby steps–how to love yourself, how to really cherish yourself, how to prioritize yourself and how to consider your desires as being primary and important.

Your pleasure is not FRIVOLOUS. It is a profound essential element for women. And without it, a woman finds herself cut off from herself, her wisdom, her life force. Hence the host of eating disorders, autoimmune diseases, cancers, depression, anxiety, overspending, and all around ANGER that plague women today.

Yes. Your pleasure is that important.
And The School of Womanly Arts is the ONLY school of its kind. I designed my Mastery Program to reconnect you with your desires, your pleasure and an incredible community of women to take the journey with you.

SG Varkoshka’s Mastery journey did just that. After years of suffering from severe depression, she learned to not only live depression free–but in PLEASURE! That’s right…bye-bye antidepressants!


I found out about Mama Gena from one of my best friends, who brought me to a Mastery Intro session that featured Dr. Christiane Northrup as a guest speaker.  I have huge respect for Dr. Northrup, and when I heard that her daughters were enrolled, I figured it must be an amazing program, so I signed up right then and there.  As an artist working in the non-profit sector, the cost of the program was a major expenditure. And it was worth every penny.

Before Mama Gena, I didn’t know how to be a woman.  Mastery allowed me to take huge steps toward living my life to the fullest, as a woman exploring her pleasure potential in many ways. But the area of my life that has been most significantly impacted by my Mastery experience stems from the age of about fourteen, when I developed anorexia.

Living in rural Pennsylvania at that time, no one had a clue what was wrong with me. The doctor prescribed Valium because he thought I was just nervous. My parents punished me if I didn’t eat by not allowing me to go out with my friends. But anorexia is much stronger than any threats of punishment. By the time I finished my first year of college, I was admitted into the hospital for four months, weighing in at 67 pounds (I am 5’8’’, and even at my current weight of 115 pounds, I am considered underweight).

Although the odds were against me, I somehow managed to physically survive and return to college, graduating Phi Beta Kappa. But of course the underlying issues of my anorexia persisted. It wasn’t until I was about 30 years old that I could eat food in the presence of other people without having a panic attack.

Over the years, I continued to suffer from severe depression. During Mastery, I was taking antidepressants, which helped a lot, however, they took a drastic toll on my libido. I felt dead sexually. After getting all juiced up from Mastery, I decided  it was critical that I wean myself off the medication. I wanted my sexuality, my power source, back. Mama Gena gave me the tools to get myself off the meds and live depression-free—not just depression-free but in pleasure!

One of the most valuable tools I learned was expressing gratitude. “Spring cleaning” has also allowed me to achieve clarity and recognize and process my underlying emotions. The “desire list” is another one of my favorites. Before Mastery, I always had a lot of trouble even feeling desire. Hearing other women express their desires has helped me uncover and own what I want. Mostly, though, I think the highest value of the Sister Goddess network is the comfort in finding commonality. During Mastery, we were all in it together. I no longer felt alone in struggling to make sense of women’s shifting roles and expectations. Every single woman’s power and pleasure was a benefit to us all (one of my mottos is now “Pleasure to the People”). It was incredibly informative to witness other women’s blocks and triumphs and apply it to my own experience. I am now 50, and it is especially inspiring to see ladies in their 60s and 70s who are totally rocking.

It’s been over three years since I’ve been completely off antidepressants, and not once have I dipped into the depths I used to visit regularly. I recently had a conversation with my mother, who told me how well I’ve been doing and how I haven’t been depressed in years. She was absolutely shocked when I told her I hadn’t been taking medication. I am now brimming with desires, one of which is a fulfilling long-term relationship.

I have two graduate degrees, and I genuinely feel that my training with Mama Gena is vastly more important. If you’re not able to locate and radiate pleasure in your life, everything else is meaningless. Thank you again to Mama, all of you in Mama’s crew, and all the women in Mastery whose energy and experiences propelled me into a new way of living!


SG Varkoshka

Depression, numbness, anxiety, anger–these are all signs that something’s not quite right. When used to go higher, you can see that these signs are your wake-up calls that it’s time for something to change.

The question is: Are you ready to take it on?

Mastery is designed to provide you with a community in which you will receive the kind of support, inspiration, encouragement and infusion of enthusiasm and joy that will permit you to regard every aspect of your life with a sense of objectivity—enough so that you can begin to facilitate change.

It would be my honor and my privilege to have you in this class.
It’s going to be OFF. THE. CHARTS.

Enrollment ends TODAY, Wednesday, March 2nd at 5pm EST.

Call the Palace at 212-787-2411 x1 to grab your spot–and find out about our incredible payment plans! OR ENROLL ONLINE. When you pay in full, you save $200 off the tuition.

Bring it on, Sisters.

The games begin this Saturday!

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

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