The First Sister Goddesses


I like to look at this photograph.
And ponder.
Sometimes I pretend that Susan and Elizabeth are reading over their pleasure interviews, received just after signing up for the School of Womanly Arts Mastery Program.
My imagination uncoils their hair, allowing it to stream down their backs.
I hear “Love Is in the Air” and I see them holding hands and dancing, heads thrown back, laughing—you know—the way we do.
Swimming in a sea of ecstatic sisterhood.
So different from the world they knew.
These women never lived to see women get the right to vote. This is a privilege you and I do not even question.
(Well, actually the question is different now—will we get up off our ass to vote?)
These sisters actually had very different points of view. Susan (the standing one) was all about suffrage.
And Elizabeth was concerned with women’s religious and social bondage.
But they put aside their differences and united to create change in the world, forcing the government to open its mind to women.
Could they even have imagined the legacy we now live?
Where women now have the inalienable right to pursue happiness?

Being a woman at this date and time is a privilege. We have more freedom, more opportunity and more choices than our mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers. At the very least, these gals must be having a party on the other side, celebrating how far we’ve come. And it is my conviction that we have reached yet another level of possibility. One that we are only now, in the 21st century, even able to entertain—and that is pleasure. A woman’s pleasure, YOUR PLEASURE, is of the utmost importance, because pleasure is the most important connection that you have with yourself. It is the connective tissue between you, your own life force, your own enthusiasm and your ability to generate that on an ongoing basis.

It’s why I designed The Womanly Arts Mastery Program—to teach you to use the Womanly Arts,  to become a Sister Goddess™ — to work less, attract more, embrace the community of women around you, be showered with abundance and have your way with the world! And it is the only School of its kind.
Whether you feel like you have conquered the world of business, or the business world has conquered you, whether you are in the relationship of your dreams or are healing from a breakup, whether you’re the quiet type or totally outrageous, whether you’re living large and want more, or can sleepwalk through your day and are ready to break out of the monotony, whether you are a mom, an executive or an artist — the Mastery Program is for you!

We are kicking off our 9th Mastery this March! Click here for schedule.

One of the key elements of Mastery is the Sister Goddess Community, and after 13 years of these teachings, the community has actually reached a new level of saturation, maturation, and salivation. So many women in this community who have been utilizing the tools and the arts in their daily lives have reached the point where they are filled to overflowing—and the beauty of this new level? The outrageous amount of generosity, making space for other women to come in, inviting others to join the party—it’s got me beside myself with the breathtaking vista of global sisterhood. And I can hardly wait to see what transpires in this round of Mastery with THIS foundation supporting it. Given the quality of applicants that have applied to be the Big Sister Goddess mentors for Spring Mastery 2011, I’d say we better buckle our seat belts, because we’re in for the ride of a lifetime!

Thousands of women from all over the globe have graduated my programs and have made ecstasy their reality.
They are living the Pleasure Revolution, now. ?They are insisting upon, laying claim to and seizing—living celebration, NOW.
They have transformed their relationships, their careers, their health, their finances. They have let go of their not-enoughness and learned to party with their magnificence.
They have embodied the tools, the arts and the community and are living beyond all they believed possible.
And guess what?
You can too!
Right now.
No waiting.
While Mastery kicks off in March, the course begins the moment you enroll. The moment that you decide that you are no longer willing to settle for fine or good, but that you are ready to live the ecstatic reachings of your soul.

Enroll now and save $500 off the Mastery tuition, bringing your investment to $4450!  Want to save even more? Pay in full and you can save an additional $200, bringing your investment to $4250! Enroll online or call 212-787-2411 x1.

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If you’re one of my beloved Grads and ready to go even higher, simply call the Palace at 212-787-2411 x1 to enroll at the special Graduate Rate of $3450.

Darling, I am clear that the world is a juicier place with you in it, in your full glory. Let me help you take your rightful place on the throne of your choosing.

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena

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