The Pleasure Revolution In the Middle East


When I very first started The School of Womanly Arts, thirteen years ago, I had a vision for global sisterhood.

Women—Sister Goddesses—standing in support of one another, internationally.

Technology has now expanded to support my dream.

We have the Internet, and Sistergoddess.com, and Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp .

What you are about to read would not have been possible, when I began this Pleasure Revolution, all those years ago.

But desire is that powerful.

And when a woman desires something deeply, the universe rolls out a red carpet to give wing to her dreams.

Read how my dream for women has impacted a Sister Goddess in the Middle East.

And think about this: how might your unleashed desires change not only your life, but the lives of everyone on this planet?

Yes, you are that powerful….

I heard about Mama Gena during an interview she did last year on Dr. Christiane Northrup’s radio show, “Flourish.” This woman instantly fascinated me. And let me tell you, I’m not that easily impressed. But the very name of The School of Womanly Arts (SWA) sounded so intriguing…almost too good to be true. I had lived in all continents and never encountered anything like Mama Gena.  I am a multicultural woman of African, European, and Arab descent, currently living in the Middle East, and where I live, terms like “goddess” do not even exist. The concept itself is a kind of sacrilege. I had never heard a woman refer to herself as a “goddess.”

But as I listened, her words struck a chord with me. I admired Mama Gena’s stand for women. I indulged in the thought of how fun it might be to take a class with her. But I didn’t live in New York City—I didn’t even live in the U.S. So I thought, “Well… someday…” That “someday” came sooner than expected. Just a few months after hearing the interview, I enrolled in my first course at The School of Womanly Arts. Did I move closer to New York? Absolutely not! I attended all the classes from the comfort and privacy of my own home, in an entirely different continent! The course that I joined was the brand new Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp.

I didn’t really know what to expect when I enrolled in the program, but I was filled with joyful anticipation. I knew that it would help me embrace my womanhood—something I had never been formally taught to do. Our culture is so starving for the Feminine. Women have been sacrificed for such a long time, and history is still repeating itself within us whenever we’re disconnected from our feminine core. I could certainly relate to this. For so long, I’d been torn between the play of feminine and masculine energies within me… I’d mostly drawn upon my masculine side to co-create my life as a brilliant engineer. But looking back, I wondered what it was costing me…

During my studies and at work, I wanted to be part of what I perceived to be the winning team: men. There were very few women in my college program and I was used to being the only female at work. I learned to blend in with a very masculine environment, where seemingly innocent comments like “She’s a woman but she’s technically very strong” were common and sadly supposed to be compliments….

Although I’ve always loved to cultivate my feminine appearance and behavior, at work I had to wear a physical uniform for years (coverall, hard hat, boots, safety glasses, etc.) and the mental uniform of pretending that I was very tough, like all of the guys. I learned to put up a huge inner shield, but deep inside, all I really wanted was to nurture my team and protect everyone.

The sisterhood I found in Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp came as such a sweet relief. Finally, I felt free to express my nurturing side and safe to drop my armor within this community. Not only did the program connect me with amazing women, it gave me the Tools and Arts to celebrate the woman I am, every single day. My favorite tools were gratitudes, spring cleaning, and bragging. And I loved the practice calls, when I got to hear brags, gratitudes, and desires from my sisters. It made me pay more attention to the goodness and fabulousness in my life, because I wanted to have something wonderful to share when it was my turn to speak.

During the course, I wrote my very first “womantra,” a personal statement that celebrates your essence as a woman. I proudly shared the draft of my very first “womantra” in English with one of my best friends, and she was floored. She adored my text so much that she did what we call “Sister Goddess Activism” in the community. She talked about me to her friend, the editor-in-chief of the leading women’s magazine where I live. The next day, I received an invitation to contribute to the magazine’s special gratitude edition. What a wonderful synchronicity. I was one of the few women who wrote an inspiring gratitude message about being a woman (Miss USA, Rima Fakih, was amongst the women featured!). My very first “womantra” got published within days! I wrote again for another women’s magazine, and my story was also featured in an upcoming book (amongst other women’s inspiring stories). It all started in Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp…

I now know how to stay grounded and energized throughout my workday. I can log onto the brag forum and in just a few minutes, it takes me higher. I can pause to spring clean and release the pressure when things get intense. And I’ve become an expert at the Art of Having Fun No Matter What. One evening, my colleagues and I were working late to finish a project. We were so exhausted, and I decided to reach for a Tool called the “dance break.” I played a music video on the projector in the conference room, and after five minutes of dancing and laughing hysterically, we returned to our work full of joy and energy. The smiles on everyone’s faces were unbelievable.

I live my femininity and my light. I walk with style, as if I’m on a catwalk, totally owning my grace, attitude, and mysterious, exotic beauty. I could not have written this last sentence before Boot Camp! I would have surrendered to the inner voice asking me who the f*&^ I thought I was to brag and reminding me about humility…

One of the most inspiring lessons I learned from Mama Gena is to “enjoy the desires you have. Don’t edit them […]. Just love what you love, want what you want.” I learned to “conjure” my desires in record time, including everything from concert tickets to a free trip to Paris. One of my biggest desires while in Boot Camp was to eventually enroll in Mastery, even though I thought it was totally unreasonable since I lived abroad. Nevertheless, I really wanted it, so I decided not to censor my desire. I organized my vacation time around the Mastery class weekends, and eventually everything worked out perfectly. I would not have had the gumption to do this without my Boot Camp training in going for what I wanted.

All around the world, women are hungry for self-love and sisterhood. I am especially proud to be a global Sister Goddess, doing my part to empower women where I live. It hasn’t always been easy, living in a different culture compared to most women in the SWA community. But I had my sisters to support me through those moments. As Sister Goddesses, we are each contributing to birthing the new paradigm of the Feminine every time we choose to be a radiant woman who owns her unique gifts and is madly, passionately in love with her gorgeous self, with no apologies. I picture Mama Gena as a sacred midwife who helps us birth ourselves, challenges us, and cheers us on to bring to life our inner, unfathomable magnificence. I’m in awe of her love for women and her fierce commitment “to make every woman ready to inhabit every single drop of every secret corner of her soul in her lifetime.” We are each birthing the new paradigm of Sisterhood every time we choose to stand for and loudly celebrate each other. This is a privilege and responsibility, and it is exactly what I’m overjoyed to have experienced during Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp.

It’s now crystal clear to me that women who strive to live a pleasurable life are on the fast track for transformation. This is one of the best kept secrets it seems: a woman who owns her sensuality and fiercely embraces her goddess within is transforming her fate as a woman in a patriarchal society into the glorious destiny of a goddess who co-creates her legendary life. We are literally raising the vibration of the planet, one Sister Goddess at a time.

So much love,

Sister Goddess Malaika, aka Aphrodite’s Daughter

If you’re ready to unleash your desires on the world and arm yourself with the Arts and Tools to create your dreams, in community, then join us in Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp! Enrollment closes tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 7th, at midnight. If you have any questions about the program or are still wondering if Boot Camp is right for you, call The Palace at 212-787-2411 x 1 to speak to one of our enrollers live, before 6:00PM EST, Wednesday, Sept. 7th. Online enrollment is open until midnight.

Listen, sisters. The time for Woman is now. As young girls, we were never taught how to get what we want. That’s what gives a Sister Goddess her edge. The path to making ecstasy your reality has been charted. But you have to do the research, practicing the Tools and Arts, in community. Learning to live as a Pleasure Revolutionary, in the face of a culture that has devalued a woman’s power for centuries, requires rigorous, in-depth training in the SWA technology, with an army of Sister Goddesses by your side. So the question becomes: are you ready to move from wanting what you want to getting what you want, on a daily basis?

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

P.S. Did you miss last Thursday’s incredible tele-class on the Art of Having Fun No Matter What? Click here to listen to the recording and get a taste of the Boot Camp curriculum…

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