The Power of One Single Woman to Create a Revolution: YOU


I am an anomaly: a brilliant and serious anthropologist of the profane–The Pleasure Queen, and the extravagantly determined Headmistress of The School of Womanly Arts. And I am also just like every single woman: a life-long student of pleasure. Every day is a new opportunity to research, explore, and investigate what it is that ignites a woman, connects her to her deepest passion, and enables her to live her most closely held desires.

Marie Curie had her Radium. I have Pleasure. Both are nuclear in their global impact. That’s the beauty of pleasure: it is ever expanding. And in the spirit of pleasure research, I want to invite you to participate in one of the grandest experiments of all time, one that is guaranteed to have Sister Goddess Marie Curie rolling over and having a good chuckle in her grave…

What happens when you let loose hundreds of Sister Goddesses and myself, in a ballroom, armed with tiaras, for the purpose of outrageously celebrating each and every glorious inch of ourselves and our lives for no other reason then because we can?

Check out this field report from Sister Goddess Mary…

My sister-in-law Barbara Stanny is the reason I attended graduation last June. She has taken Mastery three times and is an amazing teacher and guest speaker of the course, and she invited me to come experience the magic and wonder of the Sister Goddess community firsthand.

I love the confidence Barbara possesses, and I really love how happy my brother is right now. I have never seen him this happy in a relationship! So even though I live in Portland, Oregon, and knew it would be a huge commitment with all the cross-country flying, I simply had to have a taste of the Mastery curriculum that Barbara had always hinted about…


Seeing Mama Gena make her entrance at graduation in her pink, sequined dress was unforgettable. The energy was intoxicating!  Watching over 200 women swagger into the room took my breath away!  They were beautiful and sexy and having so much fun, and I wanted what they had!


I remember hearing Mama Gena’s creative partner, Dr. Anne Davin, speak with such presence and vitality that I wondered where she got all of that confidence. I watched as guests told Mama Gena about how their mother, sister, or friend had completely transformed her life, and now they wanted to take Mastery, too. And when I heard Dr. Christiane Northrup deliver her commencement speech, I was mesmerized by her inner glow and inspired by the journey she and both of her daughters had taken at The School of Womanly Arts. I even had the incredible thrill of meeting Dr. Northrup, after having been an avid fan who read all of her books and listened to her radio show every week. By the end of the ceremony, I couldn’t get to the back of the room fast enough to sign up!  I knew without a doubt that this was the next step for me, and I decided to say YES! And when I returned home, I told everyone I knew about my experience…


A year has passed, and now I am preparing to graduate as one of those beautiful, sexy women having so much fun! My capacity for loving myself has completely transformed. Before I took Mastery, I understood the concept of “self-love” in my mind, but I had never experienced it at such a deep, cellular level. I have such profound respect for myself now. I have taken self-love from my head to my heart and into my spirit, and it all began one year ago at graduation! And I have much more to learn and practice with my Sister Goddesses; this is yet another new beginning!


If you are considering attending graduation, I invite you to experiment and go and see if it’s a fit for you. I think every woman on the planet could benefit from saying YES. Hope to see you there…


-SG Mary

Whether you’re a seasoned Sister Goddess or brand new to The School of Womanly Arts, graduation is an opportunity to honor every facet of yourself and forge new inroads into your pleasure research.

We have extended our RSVP deadline, so click here to register today!

Who knows what awaits you, should you choose to experiment…

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

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