The Single Most Important Truth of Man-Training



When I say those words, does your heart sing?  Or sigh?

Do you feel a sweet “Oh, yeah, sister, I am so good for that!”

Or do you want to turn the page, change the channel, and cancel your subscription to Match.com?

Here is the pure truth:

Whether we like it or not, whether we take advantage of this opportunity or not, women are the source in the man-woman game.

The relationship lives or dies depending on your desires, and how good you are at training your man (partner). A man is not, nor has he ever been, in control of the relationship. Great partnership is up to you, me, us–not him. If you have the desire, and if you have the Tools and Arts, you can set the stage for an incredible relationship, when you get your hands on some really good raw material.

No man can say that. Just like a horse requires a great rider to become the champion he was born to be, a man requires a skilled, passionate woman to become the magnificent partner he was born to be. And deep down, every woman knows this, and longs for this kind of education.

Where to acquire it?

The School of Womanly Arts Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp is an incredible training ground for a woman to up-level her man-training skills, and learn how to take pleasurable control of her relationship life.

Read how Sister Goddess Nicole, aka Sorceress, totally turned her marriage around, in a matter of weeks…

* * *

Picture this: living in Australia, newly married, purchased our first home, sold our family company, unemployable, new baby, from career woman to stay-at-home-mum, renovating a house with a six-month-old, moved in with my parents, etc.—all within a two-year period. Aghhh!


I felt like life had just chewed me up and spat me out. I was searching to find me again. It seemed that everything that I did, in those days, was about serving the men in my life (my husband and my little man). It was part agony and part ecstasy—like a pendulum swinging back and forth—and I wanted it to STOP. My marriage had really gone to the dogs. My husband Gavin went from being my best friend to just a guy that I occasionally shared a bed with. Our conversation had disintegrated to “How’s the baby? How did he sleep today? What did he eat?” I felt so alone.


I’d had enough of living this way, and one night I stumbled across Mama Gena while searching for YouTube clips that would help me get out of this rut. Mama spoke about Sistergoddess.com, and my heart began to beat again, my body tingled inside. I joined the online community without knowing one thing about her. The moment I entered the site I felt like my soul had found a home amongst the most amazing women on the globe, and I was fascinated. “Spring Cleaning,” “womantras,” “bragging”—what was this language? What the hell are “the tools?”


My journey of self-discovery had only just begun before I heard Mama Gena mention Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp (VPBC), and my soul screamed for more. I wanted to master my life, not just get it back on track. Back on track is no way to live, not when you are a Goddess, right, girls? One night when the boys were asleep, I flipped through my wedding photos. I stared for ages at a photo of Gav and I kissing on our wedding day. God, I wanted that back! I wanted the passion, I wanted the excitement, I wanted the love and lust. I wanted to be more than just a mum.


But I had one major hesitation about signing up: the price. At the time, we had only $2,000 to our name. Logically, there was no way I could afford the course, especially with a baby to take care of. But my whole body was telling me that I had to do it. I remember flipping through Doreen Virtue’s Goddess cards while on the phone with another Sister Goddess, asking myself the question, “Do I do this?” And I drew a card that read, “Leap of faith.” My husband even said, “F— it Nic, we’ll work it out.” So…I decided to jump into the great unknown and join Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp. Two days later the bank extended us a $200k secured credit—I had completely forgotten that might be coming! And that was just the beginning…


Honestly, to be drenched in Mama Gena and Dr. Anne Davin’s wisdom and to have the support of the Pleasure Revolutionaries on the Q&A boards and my VPBC sisters was nothing short of mind-blowing. Every time I listened to the Womanly Arts tele-classes or talked to my fellow sisters on the practice calls, I plunged further and further into the depths of knowing myself as a woman. When stuck, I would post a question to the Pleasure Revolutionaries (E.g., How does the Inner Bitch love the prick?) and receive the most profound answers that gave me so much clarity and direction.  It took me higher and higher.


The most exciting thing that happened was that while I soaked in my pleasure, my husband, who used to sit on the sidelines, decided to join in. He and I went from grunting at each other to spending candlelit nights “spring cleaning” together in a bath full of rose petals and milk. Yep, you read right, he was my spring cleaning partner on the topic of “what is right with our marriage?” At one point I said to him “My love for you is what’s right,” and he looked at me with tears in his eyes. We sat in connected stillness. Now that is Man-Training.


Our relationship turned into pure gold. We found a new kind of passion and respect for each other and the best thing about it was that it just organically unfolded because I finally respected me. I served myself first and my world changed. (I am going to let you in on a secret of mine: my ultimate weapon is the tool “Bitte et Chat.” I would do VPBC just to learn how to master this one!)


Since VPBC I have continued to study the Womanly Art of Owning Your Beauty. I got my colors done, re-learned how to apply makeup, joined a gym, studied the Nia movement practice, etc. I am continuing to master my Man-Training and am leading my husband and I into a relationship that I could have only dreamed of. We have now studied Tantra and Sheri Winston’s profound online seminars together and are taking our relationship to the most celebratory heights. He is in full service to me and we are both loving it.


Not to mention, on my one-year VPBC anniversary, we are going to receive a huge amount of money from the share in my husband’s grandfather’s home. In one year, we have gone from broke to living in a totally mortgage-free million-dollar home. I know I am being rewarded for my initial leap of faith. And on top of that, I am getting ready to launch my own business venture. So as you can see, I have also become highly adept in the Art of Inviting Abundance.


I now look at my wedding photo and no longer want that life back because girls, I have so so so much more, and honestly I could not have done this just by reading a book. So if you are considering joining VPBC, just jump in and get ready to have your life changed forever.


–SG Nicole, aka “Sorceress”

P.S.  Will I be doing VPBC again? Hell, yeah. Mastering my pleasure is now my way of life.

Sisters, you have been warned. This is what happens to a woman when she rigorously practices the Womanly Arts and Tools, in community: she raises her orbit to unimaginable heights. And through pursuing her own pleasure, she has the power to elevate everyone in her vicinity.

If you’re interested in creating juicy, delicious, incredible relationships in your life, we have a space for you in Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp. Enroll online or call The Palace at 212-787-2411 x1.

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

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