The Tyranny of Unhappiness


How to speak of gratification to a woman who has never tasted it?
How to make an invitation into the ecstatic to a woman who might be offended by the suggestion?
How to capture the attention of a woman who is so invested in the way it’s supposed to be, that she can’t even hear what is possible?

With a story, my sisters.
A story that will inspire those slumbering parts of you that have long given up hope for fulfillment.
There are so many women who think that accomplishing and working hard and measuring up will lead to gratification. We have all been taught that the way to chase away our emptiness is by doing doing doing. And it never leaves us proud enough or fulfilled enough, and it sure will never make even one cell of our soul, soar.

Read this story.
Allow her journey to inspire yours.
Take a moment, take a breath, and meet a woman who worked it out.

My name is Sydel, as in “seductress.”

One year ago, I would not have given myself permission or had the courage to utter such a lofty phrase. One year ago, I would have told you “My name is Sydel, like ‘Fidel,’” a most un-sexy, un-courtesan, un-seductive introduction, but appropriate to the view I had of myself.

Before Mastery, I merely existed under the oppression of a tyranny of unhappiness. I felt stuck in my unhappiness, not knowing how to get myself out of an emotional rut. From all external signs, I had a wonderful life and felt guilty for feeling so sorry for myself. After all, seven years before I had extracted myself from an emotionally and verbally abusive marriage with two infants in tow, survived an ugly divorce, moved halfway around the world to be close to family in Southern California, raised my babies on my own to be happy and thriving children, doubled my family’s business, bought a four-bedroom home and a new car, and started teaching an exercise class. Prior to becoming a mother, I had lived and worked abroad, earned two masters degrees from an Ivy League school, learned to speak two foreign languages, advised CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, rubbed elbows with world leaders, climbed a mountain, jumped out of an airplane, earned leadership awards, organized international conferences and performed on stage. Recently, I had co-founded a non-profit.

I was a Goddess, only I didn’t know it.

Although I was proud of my accomplishments, felt good about my body, and took time to take care of myself, I had lost my drive. There was a hole in my soul, a lack in my love life. I was on auto pilot, merely existing. I was miserable. The worst part was I did not know how I had ended up in that place, and did not have a road map to get out.

Then I discovered Mama Gena, and my life immediately started to turn around. The night a friend led me to her website, I decided I was a Goddess. I could identify with the myriad of women who felt like they had a shell around their souls that prevented them from really embracing the divine being they were put on this planet to be. Although Mastery had started the weekend before, I called New York first thing the next morning and begged to be allowed to join. I have to admit that I have never been one to sign up for self-help courses, feeling that I am an intelligent woman who can figure out most problems on her own. But I had read all her books, watched all the movies, done all the journaling exercises, and still I was stuck. I felt in my soul Mastery was what I needed to finally feel free, happy and fulfilled. And I was 1000% right. Mastery completely changed my life.

After conjuring the money for Mastery, arranging for people to watch my school-aged children for three weekends (I had never left my kids for that length of time except for an occasional professional commitment), I bought plane tickets from California to NYC and started on my homework. Although I did not much believe that the extraordinary would manifest in my life very quickly, I trusted that Mama Gena’s madness had a method. I was not disappointed!

After my first weekend of Mastery I felt like a rock had been lifted off of my soul, giving me the freedom to truly soar higher. My transformative liberation continued with each new tool and art that Mama Gena added to my repertoire. Going through Mastery gave me the courage to really desire BIG, go for my pleasure, accept my life for what it is, live in gratitude, and achieve great things. Since completing Mastery, my life has continued to rocket to the stratosphere! And, YES, I can honestly tell you that the EXTRAORDINARY manifested in my life almost immediately:



  • I no longer become easily frustrated with daily life, and lo and behold my children stopped having temper tantrums. When mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. Mama is now living in BLISS, and so are my children!
  • Because of the work that I did as part of Mastery, I have gotten out of a job that was not fulfilling me by increasing the revenues of my business 60% during a recession, allowing me to hire people to do a job that I was doing but not enjoying. I am now free to CREATE a bigger and better business!
  • Since Mastery, I have tripled attendance at my exercise classes and have motivated women, young and old, to feel good about their bodies, laugh and find joy. One young teenager came up to me after class to thank me for what I do. She shared that she had been angry that day when she arrived and she was leaving happy. I am INSPIRING other women to follow their pleasure and find their inner Goddess!


  • But the most important change in my life has been that after being a lonely single mom for 7 years, I have conjured the MAN OF MY DREAMS by transforming into a seductive courtesan, full of confidence, who allows herself to be served by her hero, and appreciates him for all that he is. He is everything that I wrote on my desire list. EVERYTHING. And it was in Mastery I learned to believe in my desires. To not give up on them. To know that by going for my pleasure I would become a magnet for them. My love tells me, “YOU are the woman of MY dreams. You make my life complete. You are amazing. I plan on fulfilling all of your desires. You ARE a Goddess. And I love to serve you.”


Need I say more? ?

Sister Goddess Sydel

Sydel. Seriously. This woman blows Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White right out of the water. And it’s about time.

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With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena

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