The Valentine’s Story You Have Been Longing For


Let me tell you about my mama.
As many of you know, my mama is my rock, my roots, and the loving arms wrapped around me always.
Actually, this description will ring true for every woman who has ever taken Mastery.
For the last few years, my mama has been “The Bubbe” at Mastery.
What’s a bubbe?
It is a Yiddish word for “grandmother.”
My mama came to Mastery, in the early days, and she kept asking what she could do to help.
Sitting around was not her style. She wanted to contribute to the incredible experience she was witnessing.
So I gave her a job.


She became not only my daughter’s bubbe, but the Bubbe of Mastery.
As women moved through the challenges of heart- and soul-opening transformation that they confronted in Mastery, my mama was there, to catch these women in her arms as they dissolved in tears, or needed a lap to sit on as they told their tales of woe or past trauma.

Bubbe is the grandmother you never had, the mama you need to lean on, the woman whose life experience teaches you–just by being near her–that yes, my sister, my daughter, my baby, my child, everything, yes, everything is going to be not only alright, but more than alright. You are going to get everything you want, and then some.

Life has passages.
And there is no force on earth more powerful than a woman’s desire.
That pure Bubbe force is what gets transmitted to every Mastery student, with a quick sit on her lap, or a hug in her huge, loving arms.
And now, Bubbe is proving the veracity of all she has held for thousands of women, over the years.

Bubbe has had a powerful desire.
She has longed for love and partnership and deep connection.
Bubbe desired a man.
Not just any man–but a great man.
A man she could share her life with, her dreams with, dance with, sing with, have fun with, and love deeply.
She has been a widow for 7 years, devoting herself to her work, which she loves, helping to raise her granddaughter, and supporting her daughter’s mission.

And this September, Bubbe’s desire came sailing into her harbor, sails billowing in the wind.
And his name is Ted.

Ted has been a friend of Bubbe’s for 20 years.
He lost his wife about 18 months ago.
And, as it happens in the world of the hale and healthy and hot octogenarian man, he has been mercilessly hit on by every widow in their huge apartment building, dating a different woman every night of the week and enjoying himself mightily.
Well, Ted is hot.
He is brilliant, accomplished, fun, funny, generous, loving, and loves to spoil a woman. That’s just Ted.
And something happened in September.

Bubbe decided that after the appropriate year of mourning was over, it was time for her to make her move.
Now, my mama has taught me everything I know about flirtation.
But she has spent the last 15 years honing and polishing her skills at the School of Womanly Arts.
And when she ran into Ted in the lobby, twice in one day, she told him if it happened again, he was going to have to take her to lunch.

It happened again.
And she went for it.
Bubbe hit him with the full-on practice of all of the Womanly Arts–that delicious, irresistible elixir that lets a man know exactly who you are, what you want, and how much you are enjoying every drop of his attention and presence. My mama allowed Ted to dive into her deepest yearning–and then, she would leave him just before he had enough of her, and carry on with her full and rich life.
Ted was hooked.
And so was my mama.

Now, whenever I call her, her voice has the sweet, bell-like tone of a delighted girl, the radiance of a woman, the deep gratification of a beloved who is truly, deeply met and loved.
Just last night, I called her to say hi.
What was she doing?
Ted was playing the piano, and they were singing the entire score of “The King and I” in order to practice before they went to the show the following night.
“You never know what will happen, Regena–and we need to be ready to go on,” he joked.
And I had myself a good cry.

If my mama could have invented the perfect man for her–it would be Ted.
He lives in the apartment right below her. (The GPS thinks of everything, no? :-))
He plays piano and sings show tunes.
He has a beautiful extended family that he is extremely close to.
He is a lawyer who does philanthropic work for the Jewish community.
They are together every day.
And he loves every drop of her.

So, on this Valentine’s Day, take this story, print it, fold it, place it on your altar, or press it to your heart.
Use it as a talisman to your destiny.
There is no dream too big, no desire too huge.
With perfect longing and perfect activism, everything you want is on its way towards you. As we say at Mastery, “Your timing is perfect and elegant. You are in exactly the right place, at the right time.”

Mastery is the laboratory designed to allow each and every desire, resting inside you, to elegantly unfurl. After last week’s off-the-charts Intro course (stay tuned later this week for the recap), we’ve had women enrolling in record-breaking numbers. To reserve your seat, call The Palace right away at 212-787-2411 x1 or click here to enroll online. If you wait, there may not be any spots left.

Bubbe used every single Womanly Art and every single Tool that she learned from her years at Mastery. She says they have become part of her every day, and every move, and she never could have attracted this man without them. She says that she owes this relationship to the Tools and Arts, which work flawlessly for a woman at any age.

Please pass this story along to any woman in your life who could use a reminder that she’s capable of creating anything she wants, at any age, just by virtue of being born a woman.

And give me your comments below on what Bubbe has meant to you, what this story ignited in you, and what your most deeply held Valentine’s dreams and desires are.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

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