These are a few of my favorite things

In this precious, sacred, wildly unstable world that we share, the holidays are a time to take a moment, take a breath, and bring pleasure back to the forefront.

To find, create, and give pleasure in all its forms.

I get overwhelmed by gift giving, and I often handle all the gifts that are mine to give, by making a charitable donation in the name of a friend or family member.

But this year, there are some fun, incredible, and too-good-to-keep-to-myself options for the holidays that I just had to share with you.


First up – Sacral Chai. A few months ago, my friend, Dan, told me about this special aphrodisiac chai that he created with his girlfriend.

Chai? As an aphrodisiac?! (I know, I know, big eye roll. I was skeptical, too.)

But Dan is not one of those people you can just ignore. He does the work. Puts in the research. And pours love and devotion into everything he creates. Plus, I happen to know that he and his girlfriend are having incredible sex, day after day after day…

So, I gave it a try. And while it is absolutely delicious – I drank it once, put it in my pantry, and promptly forgot all about it.

Until Dan started calling and texting me, saying, “You have to drink it EVERY DAY FOR A WEEK to feel the effects!”

Another eye roll from yours truly.

I knew I would forget, so I made him text me a reminder every morning. And here is the crazy thing, in less than 72 hours, I started to notice a shift.

By day 3, Peter and I got into bed, completely exhausted, and the next thing we knew, his hand was on my thigh, and suddenly we were deep into some delicious unexpected lovemaking.

By day 5, I experienced a dramatic increase in my rolling orgasms. So much so that I had to push Peter away because I could not believe how much sensation my body was capable of!

And it went on like this all week.

Listen, our sex life was good before, but this chai lit both of us up bigtime! Trust me, THIS SHIZZLE ACTUALLY WORKS!!!

Order your own batch of Sacral Chai HERE, and I promise you will thank me over and over again.

Another absolutely outstanding product comes to you from my sister-in-law, Christine – creator of Jersey Belle Bath & Body. For the last year or so, she’s been bringing handmade soap samples to our family dinners for us to try.

These soaps are something special. Seriously. First of all, each bar is beyond gorgeous – a unique work of art that fits in the palm of your hand. And the fragrances are divine. Rubbing it on your body creates a rich lather of the softest, most moisturizing suds. I have literally never enjoyed washing up more.

Christine has expanded her collection to include equally stunning candles and body lotions. And the best part? Every drop of everything she makes is organic, hand-crafted, and 100% natural.

If you need something small but exquisite to give as a gift, check out Christine’s handiwork HERE.


And now, for one last must-have item!

My friend, Jaiya, has just written a brand new book called, Your Blueprint for Pleasure – that is hitting shelves today!

In case you’re not familiar, Jaiya is an award-winning somatic sexologist, author of four best-selling books, and creator of the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ and Erotic Blueprint™ Quiz.

In her latest book, she introduces a profound new language for erotic communication that empowers readers to get their needs and desires met in the bedroom and beyond.

If you have ever desired more passion, deeper connection, and greater satisfaction in your intimate relationships (including with yourself),

Your Blueprint for Pleasure is the perfect present to give and receive. (Order yours here!)


And finally, given all that’s raging in our world right now – this season might be less about gifts and more about supporting those in need.

If you desire to take action by funding humanitarian relief efforts in both Israel and Palestine, here are some organizations you can donate to right now:

  • Anera – a nonprofit with no political or religious affiliation, that is on the ground providing humanitarian aid in Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem.
  • ALLMEP – (the Alliance for Middle East Peace) is the largest network of Palestinian and Israeli peace builders.
  • Standing Together – Israel’s largest grassroots Arab-Jewish movement, continues to do important peacekeeping work between the communities.
  • Doctors Without Borders Provides immediate medical aid during humanitarian emergencies.
  • Save the Children – is providing resources to affected children.
  • Americares – is responding to the urgent need for medicines and medical supplies in Israel and Gaza.
  • MAP – Provides medical aid for Palestinians.
  • PCRF – Palestinian children’s relief fund.

And that’s a wrap on my holiday wish-list!

I hope these gift suggestions fill your world (and your cup) with as much light, love, and levity as they have mine.

With so much pleasure,

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